Advanced Physical Therapy - June 2020

JUNE 2020



Over the last couple of months, I’ve been in awe of how our community has come together to help each other out. I’ve seen it firsthand because of my wife, Alexis, and her job. She works in the emergency room at a children’s hospital, and local restaurants have been delivering meals and food to her and her team throughout their shifts. It means so much to us. It means we don’t have to go to the store as often and Alexis doesn’t have to expose herself or others to more than she’s already being exposed to at work. We are so grateful to all the businesses that have been there for her. To all of our health care workers who’ve been working on the front lines, thank you. And to all of our grocery store staff and restaurant staff who never expected to be essential workers on the front lines of a pandemic, thank you for everything. You are incredible, and we are so grateful for you. You’ve supported our health care workers, and you’ve supported our entire community. You’ve made sure we have food, nourishment, and medicine, the most essential services you can provide. While they’ve been showing creativity and support in an incredibly challenging time, our local businesses have suffered through this, myself included. So, when you want to grab some coffee and breakfast, think about the local coffee shop. When you’re thinking about where to get dinner, think about the local restaurant just down the road. Check out Bridgestreet Libations & Temptations (BLT) for some really tasty options. Rowley Grill and Tap has awesome burgers and other tasty options too. We’ve ordered from both of them. Marandino’s, a local family-owned grocery store, has been my go-to for groceries. I’m so thankful for them. My friend, Mel, who’s the founder of Coach Mel’s gym in Harwinton, switched to virtual workout classes and is doing the best she can to get through this. If you’re looking for a supportive, encouraging, nonjudgmental place to work out, then this is the place for you. Mel is one of the most encouraging, inspiring people I know. You can find more about her and her classes at

The owners of these small local businesses are your neighbors, your friends, the people you went to school with. Let’s extend a helping hand to them. Let’s come together as a community and try to make an impact and support our local businesses because the only way we can get through this is together. A lot of us grew up in this community. We went to school together, our parents grew up together, and this place connects us all. Let’s show one another support. Let’s make sure we’re helping each other. It’s not easy to ask for help. I understand that now more than ever. I’m used to being the one helping others out. It’s been a strange transition for me and, to be honest, a little uncomfortable. But that’s the reality of it, and I’m asking that if you like the services our clinic or another local business provides, then now is the time to show your support. If your knee or shoulder has been bothering you or even if you just want to make sure your running form is okay, then come see us. We’d love to help you, and you’d be helping us out a ton. Thanks for showing up for our local businesses, and let’s keep doing this together! –Kevin Smith

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