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November 2019


The Evolution of My Thanksgiving CHANGING TRADITIONS

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is here again. I’m sure many of you will be gearing up for the big feast, whether you do the cooking yourself or head over to eat with your loved ones. One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve

make up Italian cuisine. Personally, I wasn’t complaining to have some great, authentic dishes. It was just jarring to see the turkey take a back seat on its most iconic holiday.

grown older is just how many ways there are to do Thanksgiving — dropping in on different relatives really shows you that “turkey day” traditions aren’t quite as universal as you might think. Even the turkey itself isn’t always the main feature! Of course, it wasn’t this way at my grandparents’ Thanksgiving table when I was a kid. Yes, we had our family favorites, like my mom’s deviled eggs, but the turkey was the

To this day we usually have Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws’ house. They’re a little more traditional than my side of the family, so the women typically do all the cooking — even the barbecuing. I’d offer to help in the past, but at this point, I’ve been chased out of the kitchen too many times! So, these days while they cook up a delicious feast, my kids and I will usually sit down with a movie — usually “Jingle All the Way.”

“With the turkey being such a big part of both the feast and our after-dinner activities, having Thanksgiving with my in-laws proved very surprising.”

absolute star of the show. My grandparents would make it so moist and buttery, you had to wipe down the wishbone before you could try to tug on it! My brother and I got pretty competitive when it came to trying to get the larger piece of the bone (and the wish that came with it), but my grandpa was quite the master at actually winning the game. While we tugged and pulled, he just held still and inevitably came away with the bigger portion. Maybe there’s a lesson there. With the turkey being such a big part of both the feast and our after- dinner activities, having Thanksgiving with my in-laws proved very surprising. You see, my wife’s family immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1987 bringing many of their traditions with them. They’re amazing cooks and happily began celebrating Thanksgiving upon moving here. They just weren’t turkey cooks. The bird isn’t that popular over in the old country, as it loses out to the many delicious sausages and pastas that

There’s just something about Arnold Schwartzenegger losing his mind trying to get an action figure for his son that never fails to make me smile. I guess it’s just one more new twist on how we spend the holiday! But, whether we’re honoring new traditions or old ones, one thing always stays the same. Every year I’m reminded of all these wonderful memories and feel so incredibly thankful for the family that made them with me. So, whether you’re having Thanksgiving the same way you always have or trying something new, I hope the experience leaves you with something you can look back on and smile.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving,

–Dr. Robert Morea

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