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Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

b. the definition of and the need for Onshore Limited Access understandings and abilities

Positive motivation is the driving force for commitment and the instructor should make a focused effort to support growth of the necessary attitude and motivation in the participant


The participants shall: Engage themselves in discussions and share experiences on Onshore Limited Access

When the participants succeed by trying out on their own, bring their relevant experience into play and apply learning points from the instructor’s feedback they develop a positive attitude and responsibility towards the subject and the performance in the work situation


ELEMENT 1.7 - HUMAN FACTORS The aim of the element is to draw the participants’ attention to how human performance and taking responsibility influences a safe work environment, and to prepare for the continued focus on human factors during practical training and exercises. Learning objectives: 10) The participants can describe the relevant human factors, and their implications (Knowledge, basic level) 11) The participants show interest and willingness to focus on human factors during the following practical exercises (Ability, basic level) The instructor shall: Present how human factors influence accidents in the wind industry. Relevant statistics may be used. Lead a discussion about the role of the individual in improving human performance and how this can improve the safety of onshore operations. Facts and human factors criteria: The consequences of human factors in accidents in wind turbine environments are influenced by the following terms and conditions: a. attention and perception

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