2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02


15 min. The aim of this lesson is to correctly fit and adjust a harness. After having successfully completed this lesson, the participants can: 26) Take responsibility for the correct use of a harness (Ability, intermediate level)


Learning objective: 27) The participants can perform the correct fit and adjustment of a random full body harness (Skills, intermediate level)

The instructor shall: Explain the importance of correctly adjusting a full body harness Demonstrate how to correctly fit and adjust a full body harness ensuring a snug fit and the following specifics: a. shoulder straps shall be loosened b. leg straps sit well c. abdominal strap shall sit well d. chest strap (strapped slightly above or on the chest) e. pivot link shall be at the hip and shall be flexible. It must not sit so high that it may damage ribs and internal organs during a fall

The participants shall: Practice the ability to correctly fit and adjust a harness covering the points in 6.1.2

The supervisors are responsible for conducting pre-use inspection of equipment and a buddy check on the visitors to WTGs


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