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Safety training

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8.4 Instructor to Participant Ratio The ratio shown for theory sessions indicates the maximum number of participants per instructor attending the course. The ratio for practical exercises indicates the maximum number of participants to be supervised by an instructor during each activity.


Session Theory

Instructor to Participant Ratio


Offshore Limited Access

Practical 1:6 Table 8.4.1 - GWO Offshore Limited Access Module instructor to participant ratio

There must always be at least 2 instructors or rescue persons present during practical training


The local training site emergency response plan may call for a further number of qualified safety and rescue personnel


8.5 Equipment for Offshore Limited Access Module The equipment required for training this module, as listed in Annex 1, must be available and must fulfil national legal requirements as listed in A1-4 in Annex 1 where applicable. 8.6 Offshore Limited Access Module Timetable The order in which elements of this module are delivered may vary according to the didactical choices of the delivering training provider. The delivery of this module must comply with the requirements described in the GWO Requirements for Training.




Control measures and warm-up


1. Measures to prevent injury during training


10 min.

Correct donning and use of LSA and PPE Risks related to evacuation and release into water

2.1 2.2

2. Practical Sea Survival

Man overboard procedures Controlled entry into the water

2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6

Individual and collective swimming techniques

Correct usage of a life raft

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