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Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

e. manually inflate the life vest f. make sure no entanglements from PPE, climb down and push backwards in the water g. make safe distance to the TP In case of waves, the participants should descend until top of the waves, inflate vest and set-off from there. Always ensure clearance in the water before setting-off


During this exercise, participants must be secured by an SRL (for safe training purpose)



Learning objectives: 9) The participants can perform individual swimming techniques with LSA and PPE donned (Skills, intermediate level) 10) The participant can take responsibility of supporting other participants while applying collective swimming techniques (Ability, intermediate level) 11) The participants can solve how to minimise the risk of hypothermia while in the water (Ability, basic level) The instructor shall: Guide the participants in the water in relation to individual and collective swimming and the responsibility of supporting the person next to you in the water Guide the participants in the water in practising individual and collective positions to minimise the risk of hypothermia (Heat Escape Lessening Posture (‘HELP’)) The participants shall: Follow the instructors’ guidance and practice individual and collective swimming techniques and positions to reduce hypothermia ELEMENT 2.6 - CORRECT USAGE OF A LIFE RAFT

Learning objectives:

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