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Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02


Additional fall protection

Describes the use of an independent, additional suitable fall protection system in conjunction with a primary fall protection system. Typically, used during training to provide fall protection to participants as they learn to use fall protection equipment. Additional fall protection may sometimes be referred to as a “backup”. The additional fall protection system should be chosen in such a way that it will not hinder the exercise. Preferably this additional fall protection is not even noticeable by the participant. This means that a risk is identified and controlled to a lower level weighted against the effort, time and money needed to control it.

As low as reasonably practicable

Experienced BST qualified person

Describes a person who has gained extensive safety knowledge and skills over time. The duty holder is responsible for determining the experience level of supervisors during limited access visits.

Fall arrest Preventing the user of a personal fall protection system from colliding with the ground, structure, or any other obstacle during a free fall. Fall arrest system Personal fall protection system which limits the impact force on the body of the user during fall arrest. Infrequent visitor Describes a visitor with limited or no familiarity with WTG environments and safety procedures for entering them. Must For clarity where the word ‘must’ is used in this standard it shall have the same meaning as ‘shall’. Personal fall Assembly of components intended to protect the user against falls from height, including a body holding device and an attachment system, which can be connected to a reliable anchorage point. Rescue system Personal fall protection system by which a person can rescue themselves or others, in such a way that a free fall is prevented. Restraint system Personal fall protection system which prevents the user from reaching zones where the risk of a fall from height exists. Selfie A picture you take of yourself. Generally done on the front facing camera of a smart phone. protection equipment

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