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Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

c. to connect their quick connector to the attachment point of the SRL when the deckhand calls out the command “TRANSFER” and presents the SRL attachment point to them d. to step across to the ladder and climb immediately after connecting to the SRL, with the SRL loose retrieval line over their shoulder e. to immediately disconnect from the SRL on the command “ABORT TRANSFER” from the deckhand f. to close the platform gate or provide alternative fall protection before disconnecting from the SRL, and give the command “CLEAR” to signal to the deckhand that the SRL is ready to use for the next transferee g. verify with the deckhand that transfer can commence by giving the command “READY FOR TRANSFER”, before transfer from WTG to vessel (egress) commences h. inspects the SRL brake function and fall indicator prior to the transfer from WTG to vessel i. to connect to the SRL and start the transfer from WTG to vessel immediately j. to identify the deckhand’s count down during climbing from the 5th ladder rung above the CTV deck “FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE” k. upon the deckhand’s command “ONE”; move one hand to the quick connector’s release function while keeping three points of contact with the ladder, and orientate towards the vessel while stepping across l. immediately release of the quick connector from the SRL as soon as they touch the vessel with their second foot Note Deck hand will hold his hand on the retrieval line of the SRL to keep the device under control m. immediately climb upwards to a safe position upon the deckhand’s command “ABORT” during their descent, and resume their descent upon the deckhand’s command “READY” or “DOWN” n. application of the above-mentioned principles during transfer without quick connector and with twin fall arrest lanyards o. loud and clear communication

Practising the procedures for safe transfer can be conducted from the ground to and from any ladder certified for working at height training


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