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Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

ANNEX 1 - EQUIPMENT LIST The following pages contain the lists of equipment required for delivering each of the modules contained within this training standard. All equipment shall meet the criteria defined in the GWO Requirements for Training. 1. Onshore Limited Access Module: Medical Emergencies The following equipment is required to meet the needs of the Onshore Limited Access Module training: 1. A minimum of one resuscitation mannequins (adult) per four participants Any equipment used during this GWO training module shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the national standards in the country where the training is taking place. When working in a country where there is no applicable national standard then the equipment shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the European standards. 2. Onshore Limited Access Module The following equipment is required to instruct the Onshore Limited Access Module. Within each equipment category one product or more must be operative for practical training. Required additional different products are accepted in a limited quantity as products for hands on demonstration. The instructor must select the most relevant products according to their geographic location and target audience. 1. Full body harness: a. at least two different products 2. Fixed length fall arrest lanyards with an energy absorber: a. one flexible Y-type b. one fixed adjustable Y – or I-type c. recommended but not required: one fixed or flexible V-type 3. Helmets 4. Vertical fall arrest system with the following sliders/gliders:

a. cable guide, twist type attachment b. cable guide, Slot type attachment c. cable guide camp type attachment

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