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Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

h. self-retractable lifeline (SRL) i. PPE j. ladder simulating a WTG boat landing suitable for practising safe transfer between ladder and boat k. If an alternative ladder system is used for dry transfer training, it must comply to standards 122-4 (part 4) or similar l. boat or dynamic platform to simulate a moving vessel in waves < 0.5 m suitable for practising safe transfer to and from WTG ladder m. various types of accessories for each detachment quick release, restraint lanyard etc. Any equipment used during this GWO module shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the national standards of the country in which the actual training is taking place. When working in a country where there is no applicable national standard then the equipment shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the European standards.

Country Specific Equipment Standards



North America


United Kingdom

Life Jackets Inflatable

- -

- -


- -

GB/T 9953

Survival Suits

EN 397 +A1


GB 2811

BS EN 397 +A1

Industrial safety helmet with a chinstrap that is released with a force of no less than 150 N and no more than 250 N


BS EN 341

EN 341

GB/T 38230 A or GB/T 38230 B or GB/T 38230 C

Devices for emergency decent

EN 361

ANSI Z359.3 ANSI Z359.11 OSHA 1926.28

GB 6095 GB/T 6095

BS EN 361

Full Body Harness

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