2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02

Section 5.4 Duration of WLA Standard Modules

• Text updated to clarify instructions. This includes the text in the note. Section 5.7 Participant Prerequisites

• Text simplified with “All personnel participating must meet the participant prerequisites described in the GWO Requirements for Training.” Section 5.8 Instructor Qualification Prerequisites • Text revised and updated including the addition of “Instructors qualified to deliver the BST are able to deliver the WLA” Section 5.9 Physical training facilities

• Section added Sections on Physical Demands and Training Equipment

• Sections- Deleted Section 6 Understanding the GWO Taxonomy

• The section Understanding the GWO taxonomy has been replaced with a referral to the GWO Requirements for Training Onshore limited Access Module Section 7.2:

• Text revised and updated Section 7.4 Equipment for the Onshore Limited Access Module

Text revised and updated, including: - Explanation of generic training “This enables the participants to conduct pre-use inspection and to use other safety equipment products compared to those taught during this module (based on the manufacturer’s user manual). However, a location specific risk assessment might identify the need for additional instructions.

- The introduction of safety instruction “Additional fall protection must always be used during training activities at height. The training provider shall introduce control measures that lower the risks and hazards associated with a fall from height to an acceptable level, following the Hierarchy of Controls in their risk assessment.” Section 7.5 Onshore Limited Access Module Timetable

• Text revised and updated Lesson 6 Self Retracting Lifelines

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