2023-05-02 WLA_V2

Safety training

Wind Limited Access/ V2 2023-05-02


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5 Dec 2022



Description of changes

Annex 1 Equipment Lists

• Table A1-1 Country specific equipment standards – Offshore and Onshore Limited Access) PP59-60

• Equipment List. Vertical Aluminium Ladders – Section Deleted

• Table A1-2 Country specific equipment standards – Offshore Limited Access) PP 61.

• Full Body Harness reference for Europe and UK. The following erroneous reference removed “…or EN 813” (Europe). In UK, “…or BS EN 813”. Section Terms and Definitions • New text added: As low as reasonably practicable: This means that a risk is identified and controlled to a lower level weighted against the effort, time and money needed to control it. • New text added: Experienced BST qualified person: Describes a person who has gained extensive safety knowledge and skills over time. The duty holder will determine the experience level of supervisors during limited access visits. • Infrequent visitor text replaced to: Describes a visitor with limited or no familiarity with WTG environments and safety procedures for entering them. Section 4 Scope

Text revised and updated

Section 5.2 Target Group

• Text replaced to: Persons who infrequently participate in supervised visits to WTG environments. Section 5.4 Duration of WLA Standard Modules • Text replaced to: The total contact time for completing the Wind Limited Access Standard is 7 hours and 0 minutes. This is based on the times given in the module timetables and summarised in table 5- 4.1 below.

• The training provider must not exceed the time per day given in table 5-4.2 below. Section 5.4 Duration of WLA Standard Modules, Note

• Text replaced to: The order in which elements of this module are delivered may vary according to the didactical choices of the delivering training provider.

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