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July 2020


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Creating Summer Memories

What I’m Looking Forward to Most This Summer

When you’re not a parent, your summer days are wide open. It’s up to you to dictate what you want to do that day, and you don’t have to worry about whether anyone you’re responsible for can participate. With a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old, my summer days are constrained to what they can do — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

These days, our summers are filled with activities geared toward our kids and what they will enjoy. It’s amazing to watch our kids discover the world around them and spend so much time outside. Our biggest challenge is usually getting our son, Liam, to come back into the house or put on sunscreen! If we’d let him, Liam would spend all day outside. Paige is now getting to the age where she can keep up with her brother and play endless games of tag. She’s already running around saying, “Stay outside!” I love watching my kids develop their own personalities and discover the activities that they gravitate toward. Right now, it’s a lot of swimming in the “big pool” at Grandma and Pap Pap’s, playing tag, and watering the plants with their little watering cans. (Although, it’s usually just the grass they end up watering.) The best part about our yard is that it’s fenced in, so the kids love to run around like crazy for hours, and we can watch them explore and discover their world. Afterward, they each sleep like a rock at naptime. Last summer, we traveled into Lewes, Delaware, and spent our days on the beach. Our kids frequently talk about this trip. I’m sure Liam is already counting down the days until we go back, while Paige will walk to the car and “It’s amazing towatch our kids discover theworld around them and spend somuch time outside.”

ask if we can go to the beach. When we explain that we might be able to go later, she responds, “Maybe tomorrow.”

Much to their delight, we hope to make it back to Lewes again this year, and we plan to take my mom with us. It will be the first vacation we have taken with just the kids and my mom. Mom is looking forward to an opportunity for some special time with her grandkids, and I know the kids are anticipating being at the beach again. (As if they don’t ask about it every day!) As far as summer traditions go, July has been a historically busy month for my family — and for very good reasons. Liam was born on July 16, his maternal grandfather celebrates a birthday on July 15, and my mom’s birthday is July 21. For about one week in July, we spend three days celebrating some pretty important people in our lives, and we try to make each day special for each one. In fact, my father-in-law insists that July 16 be all about Liam. It’s a busy week, but it’s a week we all look forward to. I’m writing this cover letter in mid-May, and there is no telling what our world will look like in July. Our family has plenty of plans, especially now that Paige can be more interactive. But whatever happens, at least we’ll always have the backyard, a game of tag, and plants to water.

–Dr. Jon Milliron


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