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GET TO KNOW OUR STAFF Colby Critchfield, DPT

Member: American Physical Therapy Association, Utah Physical Therapy Association As a physical therapist, Colby has worked primarily in outpatient orthopedics. He has a special interest in pain neuroscience,vertigoandvestibulardysfunction,chronic lowbackpain,andathletic/dance injuries.Healsoenjoys treating any patient in the continuum of life, from the young to the young at heart. His goal as a Physical Therapist is to make sure his patientsareheardandunderstood.Hestrivestoeducate in a way that builds their self-efficacy and provides the toolsand interventionsnecessaryforthemtotakecontrol of their own health and meet their desired goals. When Colby isn’t in the clinic he is running, liftingweights withhiswifeorwatchingamoviewithasideof icecream. Colby is a lover of music and plays the drums, guitar and piano. He is a self-proclaimed statisticianwhen it comes to all types of sports like soccer, basketball, football and sometimes even rugby. He loves the outdoors and being active, enjoying nature in the beautiful state of Utah.

“Atmycore isa loveofpeople thathasgrownfromyearsof giving service. I don’t believe

that true happiness comes just from within oneself but from self-transcendence, from helping other people. We have all experienced pain or discomfort at one time and been unable to participate in things that we really wishwe could have. Some of my strengths as a therapist come from my sense of humor, my ability to empathize, connect and communicate in a way that’s easy to understand.Myapproachtotreatmentandpatientsuccess is multi-factorial, making sure to compassionately and collaboratively treat the whole patient, not just the injury. Iamanavidreaderfrommyyearsasanassistant librarian and continue to learn and grow as a clinician through personal study and continuing education so that I am able to provide the best care possible, always backed by scientific evidence. Yeah Science!” DPT: George Fox University, Newberg, OR BS: Exercise and Sport Science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

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