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Experience gained from extreme environments such as power generation and o-shore oil & gas installations has led to the creation of SyncroFlo's FM/UL Vertical Turbine range of pumps approved for industrial, commercial and municipal applications. When water sources are located below ground or deck level, the best technical pumping solution is the Vertically Suspended Multi Stage Turbine pump. With this type of unit the impellers are fully immersed in the water, maintaining prime at all times. The pumps are driven by vertical electric motors or by diesel engines through a right angle gearbox. While SyncroFlo Vertical Turbine pumps can be custom engineered for oil and gas industry, Cooling fresh water or sea water, general water supply, wash-down water, drill water, oils and controlling spillages. For platform or jetty locations, a below-deck discharge can be provided. These pumps can also handle slightly turbid water, which makes them ideal for being used as intake pumps, for golf course irrigation and for other commercial applications.

TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS: • Oce Buildings • Hospitals • Airports • Manufacturing Facilities • Power Stations • Pharmaceutical Facilities • Oil & Gas TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: • Water Treatment • Potable Water Supply • Sewage Stations • Waste Water Services • Flood Control • Irrigation


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All Cast iron discharge head oers excellent weight carrying capacity and vibration dampening capabilities.

Quick disconnect threaded coupling standard on smaller shaft sizes and split mu coupling standard with large shafts.

Cartridge seal makes it easy to replace those quickly if needed.

Flanged column pipes are standard, which allows quicker assembly and disassembly of pumps and results in more accurate assembly.

Discharge head is cast and hydraulically designed to oer minimum frictional loss.

Product lubricated bearings housed in all cast bearing retainers.

Pump unit is Coated from inside which improves already ecient hydraulics.

All cast bowls construction with zero radial thrust.

Impellers are individually secured with collets.

Sand collar at bottom prevents accumulation of dirt and sand in bell mouth bearing.

All stainless steel impellers provided with serrated casing wear rings to improve volumetric eciency of pump.

FEATURES • Space saving

CONFIGURATION Vertical lineshaft, vertical electric motor or engine driven, dry or wet well

• Diuser bowls ensure balanced axial loading • Soft packing or mechanical seals • API construction available • Dry and wet well installations

• Low maintenance costs • High hydraulic eciency • Priming problems eliminated. Pump end submerged in liquid • 60 models, with bowls, heads and columns optimized for performance and cost • Wide choice of materials

DISCHARGE & PERFORMANCE • 4” to 36” • Outputs up to 20,095 gpm • Heads up to 600 ft


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