AF ELS Combined Pre-reads

United States Air Force Enterprise Leadership Seminar


Professor Paul Friga


Strategic Planning and Execution

Objectives: • Review the strategic planning process (best practice sharing) • Understand how to analyze internal and external environments • Apply strategy analysis tools in developing a strategy

Pre-readings: 1. “Strategic Planning and Governance At Bridge Adult Service Centre”– HBS Case ( Required ) 2. “From Theory to Action: The Story of One Strategy” – Friga (Required) 3. “Can you Say What Your Strategy Is?” - Collis – HBR (Required) 4. “Measuring What Matters in nonprofits” – Sawhill and Williamson – McKinsey Quarterly (Required) 5. “Building Your Company’s Vision” – HBR – 1996 ( Optional by request to Lauren Postyn ) 6. “What is Strategy” – HBR – 1996 (( Optional by request to Lauren Postyn ) Exercises (in class) : 1. Case Study (“Bridge Adult”) – 3 phases: External Analysis, Internal Analysis, and Strategy Presentation

Suggestions for Preparation: 1. Read articles – reflect on key points, strategy process and how it applies to your unit’s strategy 2. Read case study (“Bridge Adult”) – gain familiarity on the case and appendices

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