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Universal Design Renovations 20 LONG HOP BREWING CO Aussie born Albertan craft brewer’s beers don’t beat around the bush. 26 BANDED PEAK BREWING Inviting you to Taste the Adventure 32 MEDICINE HAT BREWING Serving thirsty, hard-working people damn fine beer 40 BOTTLE VS. CAN The benefits of beer in cans are more than just taste 42 SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS 44 WHAT’S NEW WITH FANSAVES Because everyone’s a fan of Saving Money 48 GATEWAY CLASSIC CARS Over 20 years of connecting Car Enthusiasts with their dreams 56 ESME ORIGINAL JACKET Creative and Unique Clothing for today’s Women 62 SPOTLIGHT ON INNOVATION 64 TWIN MONKEYS CANNING SYSTEMS Yes, you CAN! 70 SPOTLIGHT ON HEALTH 72 HOLISTIC HEALTH Nutrients A to Z - Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 76 STUDYING ABROAD Studying International Business abroad in Germany


Spotlight on Business recently sat down with Matthew Berard, one of the co-owners of Banded Peak Brewing, to learn more about how he and a couple of childhood buddies, Colin McLean and Alex Horner, had been having fun brewing at home for a few years. After sharing their creations with friends and getting the thumbs up on their skills starting a craft brewery and entering into the Alberta market just seemed like a natural progression for this beer trio who love the outdoors as much as they love beer. Medicine Hat Brewing Serving thirsty, hard-working people damn fine beer

Classic Cars Over 20 years of connecting Car Enthusiasts with their dreams vehicles. Spotlight on Business sat down with Sal Akbani, President and CEO, and Ken Dusman, Marketing Manager, of Gateway Classic Cars to chat about the past 20 years and how they have become the World’s largest Classic and Exotic Car Sales Company along with how they plan to continue to be the sales leader in their sector of the industry as we move into the next decade. 48 If you are a classic and exotic vehicle enthusiast, then you probably already know who Gateway Classic Cars are as they have been in the classic and exotic vehicle sales business for over 20 years now. They have come a long way since Sal’s humble beginnings in the company’s original garage and showroom in St. Louis back in 1999. Gateway Classic Cars now has 18 locations across the United States with an inventory of over 3,500 Esme Original Jacket Creative and Unique Clothing for today’s Women 56


It is not too often that a business that opened its doors in 2016 can trace it roots back to the early 1900’s, but that is the case with Medicine Hat Brewing Company. Spotlight on

Business had the opportunity to catch up with Warren Vancuren, Owner, and Kaiden Vancuren, General Manager of Manufacturing & Distribution, for the brewery and learn about their family’s journey to bring back a piece of Medicine Hat’s history. But as Warren and Kaiden will tell us a legacy isn’t the easiest thing to live up to, but then again Medicine Hat has never been about doing things the easy way, but the right way when it comes to making timeless craft beer.

Canning is a village in northeastern Kings County, Nova Scotia located at the crossroads of Route 221 and Route 358. It was once a shipping and rail hub for farmers in Kings County along with being a major ship designing and building centre. Today it is becoming more known for its fashion designs than its ship designs, all thanks to Pamela Matheson, designer and owner, of the Esmé Original Jacket. Spotlight on Business spoke with Pam from her studio in Canning where she has been building her product line since 2013 with a focus on quality, comfort and affordability.





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