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As we approach the end of what has been one of the most historically significant years in recent memory, it is only natural that an air of reflection and contemplation settles upon us. Seeing the resilience and innovation demonstrated by arts organisations across the UK has been inspiring. Galleries and museums have reopened against all the odds, sheer grit and determination has seen funding grants pursued and won, and the public has responded in kind by steadfastly supporting our cultural institutions in their time of need. Currently, UK commerce is facing unprecedented – and seemingly unending – challenges. From the hospitality industry, to retail, events and of course the arts, times are tough for business owners and employees alike. It is therefore without hyperbole that I say how truly fortunate and privileged we feel here at Castle to be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. It is a much-needed good news story in a

media landscape otherwise dominated by worrying statistics and headlines. In our 25 year history we have discovered talented artists, grown a network of Castle Fine Art galleries all across the UK, united collectors with the very best contemporary fine art and developed a feeling of family among our staff; no small feat. With every day that passes, our shared pride in Castle Fine Art grows. We need only look at the fantastic work being undertaken currently by Nic Joly, to celebrate the achievements of the NHS while raising funds to support charitable causes, to gain some insight into why Castle Fine Art has a special place in people’s hearts. It’s easy to feel, in time such as these, somewhat impotent and unable to make a real difference where it matters, thinking most especially in terms of the NHS. Until something happens that reminds us all that we each have a part to play, on whatever scale, and ‘making

a difference’ can manifest in myriad forms. Reading the testimonials from our artists, their memories of the years they’ve spent with us and their warm wishes to all of us here at Castle for our special year was precisely that tonic. Similarly, through our long-running ‘Your World, Our Art®’ competition, we see countless wonderful photographs sent in by you, our lovely collectors, showing our art taking pride of place in your homes. As we now all face far more time indoors, when the approaching winter months will unavoidably limit our hours of escape outside, it means so much more to hear how our art has brought joy to you. Long may it continue! On which heartening and positive note, thank you for being part of Castle’s continuing journey and I will conclude with my wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy end to 2020.

Daniela Quinlan Editor

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Charlotte Brazier, Michael Perry, Imogen Cranston, Matt Watkins, Monika Adamska

Cutting edge editions on glass from the engineer turned artist





Creative Director: Matt Johnson Designers: Ak Suggi, Christy Guan

Special Thanks: Birmingham Hippodrome, Grande Exhibitions, The Murray Parish Trust, NHS Charities Together, Daniel Clifford &

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This studio edition artwork for 2020 features Nic Joly's infectious positivity. The 'be kind' message on the wall is particularly poignant during the COVID-19 pandemic, as millions of people around the world have been inspired to carry out acts of goodwill, often for complete strangers. Not content with creating one edition that reflects this year’s cultural shift towards compassion and kindness, Nic has created another very special edition for

2020. Head to page 8 to find out more about this significant work.

We Can Be Heroes (top) Handmade Studio Edition Wall Sculpture | Edition of 2020 Framed Size 50cm x 50cm £995 Framed

All of Nic's figures are carved as originals in wire and plaster before being cast in solid bronze. When dry, they are sanded down - either with a belt sander or a teeny-tiny strip of sandpaper - and cleaned before being hand-painted.

The Writing's On The Wall (bottom) Handmade Studio Edition Wall Sculpture | Edition of 190 Framed Size 56cm x 56cm £1,950 Framed



Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity Engaging children with the arts is a subject close to our hearts, so we were thrilled to reveal Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity as our chosen charity for 2020. In 2018, we partnered with the hospital to raise funds for the creation of a playground through their ‘Out To Play’ appeal, and we’re now working with them for their ‘Art Strategy’, which will explore the use of art therapy. It’s an exciting time to partner with the hospital, as they recently revealed their project with Sir Quentin Blake, who has designed the 10 stained glass windows featuring some of Roald Dahl’s most famous area at Waterfall House, the installation was unveiled by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall who is a patron of Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity. characters. Now proudly situated in the reception


The new playground at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

With arts and culture often at the core of philanthropy, we firmly believe in the power of contemporary art to help and inspire people. Through our charity projects, work with local primary schools and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, we hope to give back to the communities who have supported our journey. Here are just a few of the ways we’re helping to make a difference.

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the hospital to unveil stained glass windows designed by Quentin Blake

Young Fine Artist

Since 2017, our Young Fine Artist initiative has brought primary school children together to create art inspired by our artists. Our Oxford, Solihull, Cambridge and Liverpool galleries have welcomed a generation of mini Picassos, with the winners’ artworks hung alongside paintings from our world-class portfolio. During lockdown, we launched our competition online for a virtual edition. We received over 150 amazing submissions, but our winner was 11-year- old Reuben Pendergrast, whose Pakpoom-inspired artwork was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Empowering young people through sculpture We’re proud to be a continued supporter of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, which helps young people from all over the world to take control of their lives and develop their self-confidence. In 2018, our sister gallery, Halcyon Gallery, launched the groundbreaking Empowerment sculpture programme in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed sculptor Lorenzo Quinn. Named after his sculpture of two hands holding up the world, the initiative sees all profits from the sale of the artwork go directly to the Award.

Young Fine Artist contestants visited our Solihull gallery for inspiration

Reuben Pendergrast, 11, won first prize for his COVID-19 inspired interpretation of Pakpoom's art

The Empowerment sculpture programme raises funds to help millions of young people transform their lives



Available in an edition size of 2020 to mark this historically significant year, this touching piece will also raise money for charity. From the sale of each artwork, £50 will go to NHS Charities Together, which is the official national charity partner of the NHS, and £50 will go to The Murray Parish Trust, which is dedicated to the advancement of paediatric emergency medicine.

Each of the letters from the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ artwork is hand-sprayed in Nic’s studio

Supporting the NHS with #WhoCaresWins After watching the news and speaking to NHS staff and key workers, our artist Nic Joly was moved to create his new ‘We Can Be Heroes’ artwork. This handmade 3D wall sculpture features hand-sprayed lettering and a heart-warming scene using his signature miniature figures.

Nic worked closely with James Murray and Sarah Parish from The Murray Parish Trust. Get involved on social media with the hashtag #WhoCaresWins



Featured by ITV News and the BBC, the dynamic scene is a homage to key workers – including doctors, nurses, firemen and the police – and is currently on display at the gallery. A selection of prints is available online via the Art4Charity website, with prices starting at £165 and all proceeds going to charity. Find out more here.

“Having the support of Castle Fine Art during the signing and sales phase of the ‘Forward In Unity’ project has been fantastic. We’re delighted that one of our prints is on display in their iconic Mailbox gallery, in the company of such fantastic art. Special thanks to Ian Weatherby- Blythe, Daniela Quinlan and their Birmingham team for sharing their space and expertise to help promote Art4Charity in our quest to raise vital monies for the Lord Mayor of Birmingham’s Charity.” – Nick Herd

The mural is in Digbeth and shows the bravery of Birminham during COVID-19. Credit: Edwin Ladd

Credit: Edwin Ladd

Graffiti in the gallery: Art4Charity When world-renowned graffiti artist Gent 48 (aka Joshua Billingham) created a large- scale artwork in Birmingham city centre to celebrate the heroes of COVID-19, we were honoured to get involved. The vibrant mural in Digbeth was turned into a limited edition print, which was then hand- signed by a number of the 250 Birmingham based dignitaries at our gallery in the Mailbox, in the heart of the city centre.

The print was hand-signed by notable Birmingham dignitaries, including the entrepeneur Tru Powell

Credit: Edwin Ladd

Carlos Acosta CBE, Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet



A feast for the eyes On an almost cinematically sunny and blue-skied day, the Castle team made their way to Midsummer Common, on the leafy bank of the River Cam in Cambridge, which is the enviable location for Midsummer House.



The beautiful building was originally a very grand private residence, before it was converted for commercial use in 1980. It is now a two Michelin- starred restaurant in which Chef Patron, Daniel Clifford, subsequently established his reputation as one of the UK’s finest chefs. Known for his innovative flair and exacting attention to detail, Daniel has forged a style of modern British cuisine built upon a base of classical French technique. His world-class kitchens consistently produce the very finest seasonally-inspired dining delectations, while the impressive wine cellar houses over 1000 different wines, to provide the perfect accompaniments. Daniel’s relationship with Castle Fine Art began when he first visited our gallery in Cambridge, looking to find art for his home to add to his growing collection. Fast-forward six years, and Daniel now works collaboratively with the gallery team to curate the art displayed in his restaurant. We tagged along recently to see the most recent

selection of artwork being installed, and to hear more from Daniel about why art is so important to him: “What we create here at Midsummer House is art, so having the right art on the walls is just as important. Fine dining should be a multi-sensory experience. Everything our guests see, touch, feel, drink and eat from the moment that they arrive, to the moment they leave, adds to their overall experience. "Choosing art for the restaurant generally starts with me gravitating towards art that appeals to me, and then I try to narrow the selection down to work I feel is in keeping with the style of the restaurant. "The process of curating the spaces with the Castle Fine Art team was amazing; it was just so easy. They really understand what we are looking for at the restaurant, but they’re also not afraid to suggest alternative, conversation-provoking pieces. I particularly like the ‘Gaia’ piece by

"Raphael Mazzucco, which I first saw on Castle Fine Art’s Instagram. The colours drew my eye immediately. It really stands out and is one of those pieces that you look at and can’t take your eyes off. It’s become a real talking piece for all of our staff and guests. A little known fact is that the viewing room in your Cambridge gallery inspired the colour for the walls in our private dining room here at Midsummer House! We’re so pleased with the finished look, it’s a stunning space."



While enjoying our behind the scenes moment at Midsummer House, we were struck by the similar respect for heritage shared by the restaurant team and Castle Fine Art alike. A sense of tradition carries through every element of the establishment. Take for example their iconic logo; a rendering of the age-old apple tree that stands in their kitchen gardens to this very day. It is no coincidence that the only dish never to leave their menu is their signature dish of “scallop, truffle and apple”, featuring fruit from the very tree that is now synonymous with their name.

“I am absolutely blown away with what the Castle Fine Art team have curated for the restaurant. The pieces are exciting, thought - provoking and have really added a new dimension to the restaurant.”

Daniel Clifford, Chef Patron




Purgatory (opposite) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 77cm x 57cm | Framed Size 85cm x 65cm £995 Framed

Malkie's Day Off (top) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 77cm x 57cm | Framed Size 85cm x 65cm £995 Framed

Sir Billy Connolly’s acclaimed series of original and limited editions artworks returned with an eagerly- anticipated sixth instalment in October 2020.

Billy, which are available to buy as either individual titles or as a portfolio set. Billy’s wife, psychologist, writer, and performer Dr Pamela Stephenson, took to Twitter to express her pride in Billy’s continued creative excellence, and likened his artistic evolution to that of Matisse (above).

Sausage Tree (above) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 77cm x 57cm | Framed Size 85cm x 65cm £995 Framed

The Three Teds (above) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 77cm x 57cm | Framed Size 85cm x 65cm £995 Framed

The collection is comprised of six brand new limited edition giclée prints, all hand-signed by



Billy has brought back some of his time-honoured faceless characters in these editions, featuring wonderful pops of bold colour, and introduced a charming little dog entitled ‘Wooly Ruff’. This will no doubt have been music to the ears of collectors who missed out on the exceptionally popular ‘Scotty Poser’ title from Billy’s previous collection, the subject of which was a delightfully colourful and charismatic little Scottish Terrier, as imagined in Billy’s inimitable lined style. Billy’s first ever sculpture, entitled ‘And On Monday, God Made The World’ was unveiled in March this year by Billy himself, during visits to our London and Glasgow galleries. The stunning polished stainless steel sculpture on a black granite base is still available to view and purchase both in our galleries and online. During his visit to the UK earlier this year, when he wasn’t busy unveiling new work, meeting his collectors and fans, or giving press interviews, we managed to grab five minutes with Billy and put some of your questions to him. If you haven’t yet checked out our #AskBilly videos to listen to his answers, click here! Contact your nearest gallery or visit our website for more information about Billy’s artwork.

Wooly Ruff (top) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 77cm x 57cm | Framed Size 85cm x 65cm £995 Framed Rebel Without A Sword (above) Double Hit Flatbed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Aquarelle Arches - Torchon 300gsm | Edition of 295 Image Size 57cm x 77cm | Framed Size 65cm x 85cm £995 Framed

Born On A Rainy Day Portfolio 2020 (Framed set of 6) Edition of 295 | £6,950

And On Monday, God Made The World - Stainless Steel (opposite) Polished Stainless Steel on Black Granite Base Edition of 195 | Size 18cm x 44cm x 58cm £6,950



Reimagining some of his most popular artworks from throughout his successful 15-year career with Castle Fine Art, this collection is a beautiful journey through the seasons, from an autumnal sunset to a heartwarming Christmas scene. Presented on hand-varnished canvas in stunning gold and silver toned frames, these limited edition artworks make an ideal seasonal gift.

Paul says: “I naturally paint seasonally. As I see my coastline and weather change, I react to this. When the weather starts to turn a few months before Christmas, I tend to paint a snowy scene. I only paint one or two of these per year, so they are quite rare. Even though they are a cold scene, they are warm and inviting places to be.”

The Forest Path (above) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 71cm x 51cm | Framed Size 86cm x 66cm £495 Framed Beautiful Sunsets (opposite) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 102cm x 51cm | Framed Size 117cm x 66cm £695 Framed

GoldenWaves In The Evening Sun (above) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 51cm x 30.5cm | Framed Size 66cm x 46cm £325 Framed



"I really like the look of my new prints. They have a lovely richness to them and the gloss makes the colours even richer."

AWinter's Tale Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 51cm x 30.5cm | Framed Size 66cm x 46cm £325 Framed



New gallery WHY BRIGHTON SHOULD BE YOUR NEXT STAYCATION If you’re dreaming of your next weekend break, look no further than this dazzling seaside city. Along with charming sea views and fish & chips aplenty, it’s now home to our brand-new gallery.



Set over almost 4,000 sq. ft in a beautiful, listed building, the two-storey gallery features a bar area, seating space with sofas and a private viewing room. The large traditional windows offer stunning views of the area, with the double doors, lift and toilets making it comfortable and wheelchair accessible. With separate zones for different artists, you can take all the time you need to stand back and discover new works from our huge portfolio, which includes Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood and

Lorenzo Quinn. Along with our limited edition and original artworks, the gallery will showcase a range of sculptures to suit your home décor. “It’s great to see a high street art gallery in such a brilliant location,” adds Valerie. "We're close to the Royal Pavilion and a stone’s throw away from shops like Russell & Bromley, Hugo Boss, All Saints, Hobbs and Molton Brown. Plus Brighton is just a fantastic place to visit for a holiday or short break.”

Summer may officially be over, but it’s not time to pack away your suitcase just yet. We’ve opened the doors to our striking new art space on Brighton’s East Street, just a short stroll away from the beach and the restaurants, shops and tea rooms of the Lanes. But if you think the outside sounds great, just wait until you see the inside! “The first thing everyone comments on is the luxury of the design,” says gallery manager, Valerie Kaye. “It’s certainly got the ‘wow’ factor. From the Victorian fireplace to the sweeping staircase and double- height space, it’s the perfect place to view our fantastic art.”



To keep our collectors safe, there is a hand-sanitiser station at the door and 2-metre space markings throughout the gallery. In addition to a separate viewing room, visitors can also arrange a private appointment with one of our friendly art consultants. Valerie adds: “It’s an amazing opportunity just to relax, have a drink and appreciate the art.

There’s something so different about viewing the works in such a big space; it transforms even art you’ve seen before. The cosy elements, including the velvet sofas and bookcases, really make it feel like a home and help to visualise the art in your own living space. We can’t wait to welcome more customers, old and new.”



We Three Kings

Where did your inspiration come from for the titles of We Three Kings? While painting Ripley and Piper, I was deep into sci- fi and dystopian films and books. I love watching special effects and clips from behind the scenes. I was watching every documentary about the subject I could find. The name ‘Ripley’ is a nod to Alien's hero, Ellen Ripley. Another great and underrated movie is John Carpenter’s 1988 horror film They Live , starring Roddy Piper – who inspired the title of my jaguar piece. The name ‘Kruger’ is taken from the National Park in South Africa. Why We Three Kings ? I wanted to paint a series of apex predators (those at the top of the food chain). Each is a king in their own right in their respective ecosystems, from the African plains to the Indian and Amazonian rainforests.

From the shadows of Robert Oxley’s dark new artworks, three of the animal kingdom’s rulers emerge. Inspired by dystopian films and books – including the work of Swiss artist H.R. Giger, who worked on Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien movie – We Three Kings captures the majesty of the world's deadliest predators in a new 2D format. In keeping with his values of sustainability and conservation, his new works feature ethically sourced materials from sustainably managed forests to help protect the environment. Our specialist atelier team then worked hard to reproduce these limited edition prints as faithfully to the original paintings as possible. In contrast to Robert’s previous collections, the works have been printed using a new production technique to give them a less textured finish and draw attention to the incredible detail. We recently caught up with Robert to talk about his three new releases and the effect that lockdown has had on his daily routine.

Kruger Boxed Canvas with Hand Varnish | Edition of 295 Image Size 97cm x 97cm £695



What is different about these new works? “I wanted to render the animals in their natural colours, majestic and proud. Each of these cats commands respect and strikes fear into all who face them. Shadow play presents the cats coming out of the darkness, stepping into the light. I played with the edges of the images, losing some to the darkness. It’s a ‘less is more’ vibe. I like the idea that if the cat moves slightly, it will disappear into the shadows. The black background is a nod to the carbon black of early cave paintings and the primitive darkness. I don’t have a concrete plan with any of my paintings. I love the freedom of my work; it’s the not knowing that excites me. The chase is better than the catch.

Has lockdown changed your way of working? My main thought upon going into lockdown was to get my head down and paint as much as I could. The usual family routine went out of the window! I’m also into every conspiracy theory going, but while I’ve listened to hours of internet theories, I’m still none the wiser. I’ve developed an addiction to houseplants, which has clearly now gotten out of control, having amassed 43 plants over the last few months. In the evenings, I have cycled around town; it has made me feel like an excited kid again. Lockdown has been a chance for people to do things they have never had time for previously. I believe it will teach us how to look after ourselves, learn what we can do without, and discover what’s important to us.

"Each of these cats commands respect and strikes fear into all who face them. They are all kings in their own right in the African plains and Indian and Amazonian rainforests." – Robert Oxley

Ripley Boxed Canvas with Hand Varnish | Edition of 295 Image Size 97cm x 97cm £695 Piper (opposite) Boxed Canvas with Hand Varnish | Edition of 295 Image Size 97cm x 97cm £695 We Three Kinds - Set of 3 £1,950



British cityscape artist Paul Kenton takes viewers on unforgettably energetic trips to London and New York through his masterful manipulation of light and colour in his latest releases from our autumn winter collection. Through recent experimentation with technique, he has achieved finer lines and added detail, giving his work even greater texture and evocation of movement. By over-layering the work with liquid resin, he successfully enhanced the luminosity of the colours, which brought

these city views to life, and gave the reflections he so artfully creates even greater depth.

Paul’s paintings transform as they react to their ambient light, making them a constant and ever-changing joy to view. He predominantly works on aluminium but has lately explored painting on lustrous copper sheets, which inject his paintings with a beautiful warmth and allow him to explore the effects of light in the urban landscape. Click here to watch our video and bring this artwork to life.

Twilight Zone (above) Triple Strike Flatbed Print on Aluminium | Edition of 195 Image Size 152cm x 51cm | Framed Size 173cm x 71cm £1,250 Framed

New York Romance (opposite) Triple Strike Flatbed Print on Aluminium | Edition of 195 Image Size 51cm x 122cm | Framed Size 71cm x 142cm £1,095 Framed



Your home, your Castle

Credit: Zoopla

Market trends While other industries have sadly suffered the effects of loss of trade and lack of consumer appetite since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, the housing market is not among the casualties. Based on figures collated at the end of June 2020, the Land Registry reported that property prices rose by 2.7% compared to the previous month, and had risen by 3.4% compared to the previous year*. The Chancellor’s decision to raise the stamp duty threshold from £125,000 to £500,000 in England and Northern Ireland until 31 March 2021 has left property market insiders confident that this upward trend will continue, as potential and existing homeowners seek to take advantage of this opportunity. One of the UK’s most popular property websites, Zoopla, subsequently reported in August 2020 that the housing market was at its strongest in five

years, as shown in their House Price Index, with buyer appetite 34% higher than the same period in 2019**. Here at Castle, we heard from many of you during lockdown that you had embarked upon home renovation projects or were indeed looking to move, so we thought we’d hear from the experts about how art can make your property stand out from the crowd. Tom Parker, Consumer Spokesperson at Zoopla comments: " Artwork has long been a way to stamp your personality on your home and add some character. When it comes to selling your home, the artwork illustrates to potential buyers how much you have invested in making the property a 'home' and the lifestyle they could lead by purchasing the property. It's also a simple way to subtly inject colours like red and yellow that are associated with happiness. This will help create a warm feeling when potential buyers enter the property for viewings. "

This stunning property, The Long Barn in Wiltshire, was featured in Horse & Hound , the Mail Online and The Modern House among others when it was listed for sale. Understandably, we were just a little bit thrilled to see artwork by Bob Dylan and Robert Oxley gracing the walls of this incredible home!

*Source: **Source:

Credit: Zoopla



Interior design Whether your focus is to embrace spending more time at home by redecorating, renovating or perhaps just a few new purchases to give the finishing touches you need, we thought we’d lend a hand and research some interior design trends for this autumn winter season.

If this appeals to you, we recommend taking a look at the artworks recently painted by our cityscape master, Paul Kenton. In a progression from his use of aluminium, Paul opted for a copper sheet base upon which to create his dazzling vistas. Paul says: “Recently I have been working on lustrous copper sheets, which inject my paintings with a beautiful warmth and allow me to explore further the effects of light in the urban landscape. I have also been excited to find a new dripping technique to achieve finer, more detailed lines. These dripped layers of lines add interest, and work together with the other elements of the painting to give depth, texture and movement. Many of my recent works are over-layered with liquid resin, which enhances the luminosity of the paint and allows for high shine reflections.”


When the falling leaves signal the start of autumn, it’s the perfect time to make your home cosy for the change of the seasons. Design experts advise choosing soothing materials and comforting colours to give rooms a cosy feel. As luck would have it, the rose gold and copper tones we’ve seen dominating lifestyle imagery in magazine spreads and across Instagram in recent years seem to be holding fast. The softening hues of these metal finishes seem perfectly designed to reflect the warm glow of candlelight, or a welcoming fire.


With its varied and rich tones, and myriad finishes, wood has long been a popular choice for interiors, and this trend is set to become even more prevalent in UK homes this year. From chairs and coffee tables, to shelving and decorative goods, our taste for bringing elements of natures into our homes seems to be on the rise. Similarly, sales of house plants rocketed during lockdown, with people determined to create their own oasis no matter their living arrangements or budget. Raphael Mazzucco is a keen advocate for surrounding oneself with nature, as seen in his latest collection. Taking its title from the Mother Earth goddess of Greek mythology, the Gaia collection intertwines nature with photography and portraiture. Every element of these beautiful limited editions silkscreens has been faithfully rendered to respect its natural roots. From the 100% cotton watercolour paper, to the rustic edges and the addition of the feathers, leaves and flowers, the finished works bring a little piece of Connecticut’s forests into your home. Raphael says: “This recipe creates the realness and rawness that brings us down to earth and connects us to it.”

Gaia (above) Silkscreen & Mixed Media on Saunders Waterford 640gsm | Edition of 95 Image Size 61cm x 91cm | Framed Size 86cm x 120cm £1,450

Natural Soul (top left) Silkscreen & Mixed Media on Saunders Waterford 640gsm | Edition of 95 Image Size 61cm x 91cm | Framed Size 86cm x 120cm £1,450

London City Scatter Original Resin on Copper Image Size 152cm x 61cm £8,950




Continued uncertainty about lockdown restrictions as we move towards the end of the year has many of us wondering how we will get the change of scenery we all crave – especially when daily walks and explorations may well be impeded by winter weather. This is where the growing trend for creating a focal point in a room that offers a little escapism into other worlds may well be the answer. If wall decals and trompe l'oeil murals or wallpaper won’t suit your room or personal style, we can heartily recommend viewing Paul Corfield’s autumn winter limited editions. These pieces are made all the more special because Paul has nostalgically reimagined some of his most popular artworks to celebrate his 15th anniversary with Castle Fine Art (see page 22 for more information). From a frosty coastal clifftop scene, to images that conjure up countryside retreats and a peaceful forest, this body of work will transport you to a locale of your imagination, from the comfort of your own home.


With Lawrence calling this piece “one of the most powerful paintings I’ve ever created” the pressure was on for the atelier team here at Castle Fine Art to translate the original artwork into a limited edition print. Happily, we share the Pantone® team’s passion for colour, and Lawrence was thrilled with the result: “The ‘We’ll Brave the Storm’ limited edition print is brilliant. The reproduction is so close to the original – I’m blown away, I really am. I’m very, very pleased with it.” Take a look on page 74 and see what you think!

It simply wouldn’t be a trend column without referencing Pantone® Colour of the Year 2020; Classic Blue. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone® Colour Institute says: “We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on.” of style features, from wooden panelling to wallpapers, paints and textiles. Darker colours and heavier fabrics create a moody atmosphere, which is a different take on a classic cosy feel. The colour curators at Pantone® say this hue is “suggestive of the sky at dusk”, which immediately made us think of Lawrence Coulson’s latest release, ‘We’ll Brave the Storm’. Bringing a touch of luxury and calm to an interior, we have seen this colour appear in a wide range

We'll Brave The Storm Boxed Canvas - Giclée Print with Hand Varnish | Edition of 95 Image Size 152.5cm x 76cm | Framed Size 165cm x 89cm £995 Framed

Beautiful Sunsets Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 102cm x 51cm | Framed Size 117cm x 66cm £695 Framed



If 2020 has taught us one thing, it is that courage can be found in even the darkest of times. Across the globe, ordinary people are unmasking their own superhero alter egos, rivalling even Stan Lee’s legendary characters. In the Legacy Collection , the Marvel superheroes with everyday lives – from Spider- Man to Iron Man and Wolverine – are captured in vivid full colour. Whether it’s defeating Korvac, outsmarting Red Skull’s daughter or simply navigating the complexity of marriage, no challenge is undefeatable. rare editions includes Marvel Cinematic Universe works that have never before been exhibited in the UK. Variant covers, internal panels and splash pages have been expertly reproduced for a highly collectible series of limited edition giclée prints that are perfect for the hero in our life. Hand-signed by Stan Lee, this desirable selection of

Wolverine: Origins #34 (above) Edition of 10 Framed Size 46cm x 69cm £2,450

New Avengers #4 (above) Edition of 99 Framed Size 46cm x 69cm £2,450

Heroes For Hire #1 (opposite) Edition of 10 Framed Size 46cm x 69cm £2,450


COVER: The front page of a comic book, usually boasting a feature image, title, pricing and enticing snippet of text

INTERNAL PANEL: A box on the page of a comic book

SPLASH PAGE: A panel that fills the entire page

VARIANT COVER : An alternative cover of an issue. Often they include the art of a different artist, and fewer copies are available



From the world of art

Credit: Simon Hadley

Credit: James Laing

Credit: Maria Teneva

Credit: Ussama Azam

Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour of some of 2020’s most important art news. From virtual exhibitions to surprising auctions, we’re keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments in the art world.

It’s official: online events are one of the biggest trends this autumn/winter season. In September 2020, Art Basel Hong Kong attracted over 250,000 digital visitors, while institutions like the British Museum, MoMA and Somerset House will hold virtual exhibitions throughout the year. Fusing art with cutting-edge technology, galleries are creating innovative ways to immerse visitors in multisensory experiences. The Van Gogh Alive project at the Birmingham Hippodrome combines light, colour, sound and fragrance to give audiences the sense of walking straight into one of the artist’s paintings. In France, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Gustav Klimt have been reimagined for the 21st century.

Who knew that abandoned shopping trolleys and a classic Monet painting could be such a winning combination? The notoriously mysterious Banksy sold his unique interpretation of ‘Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies’ at Sotheby’s for £7.5m in October 2020. Titled ‘Show me the Monet’, the painting forms part of his Crude Oils series, which remixes famous artworks.

It’s not just us celebrating this year! Toasting 150 years and 20 years respectively, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Tate Modern in London bring the power of art to millions of people each year. Tate Modern’s spectacular collection features British and international works from 1900 until the present day, including masterpieces like ‘The Kiss’ by Auguste Rodin and ‘A Young Lady’s Adventure’ by Paul Klee. Over on 5th Avenue in NYC, the Met Museum showcases over two million pieces, spanning 5,000 years of art.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, graffiti artists have taken to the streets to express their messages of solidarity. From London to Kenya, Amsterdam, Brazil and Australia, colourful murals have lit up cities and social media feeds around the world. Banksy hit the headlines yet again when he was caught on video on the London Underground in July 2020. Disguised as a cleaner, he created a tongue-in-cheek mural featuring rats sneezing and holding hand sanitiser. Unfortunately for commuters, TfL later destroyed the artwork as it violated their strict anti- graffiti policy.

Dubbed ‘the Beyoncé of art history’ by Telegraph critic Alastair Sooke, the Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi has become the first female artist to have a major exhibition at the National Gallery in London. Considered one of the most accomplished artists of the 17th century, Gentileschi worked in the style of Caravaggio. In 1616, she became the first woman to attend the prestigious Accademia delle Arte del Disegno. Her paintings show strong female protagonists and the oppression of female figures from myths and the Bible. The exhibition will run until January 24th 2021. Director of the National Gallery, Dr Gabriele Finaldi, adds: “Why were there so few famous women artists in history? I think we are in a strong position to say here’s a moment now to begin to take an interest… let’s do it as something we can share and enjoy together with the public.”

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Ever a firm favourite, Bob Barker is popular with collectors around the world! Known for his nostalgic pieces, he takes inspiration from the Yorkshire mill towns in which he grew up. In each of his new pieces, Bob has used a muted colour palette to draw attention to the unfolding narrative. The blacks, greys and browns are usually offset by a small burst of colour, often in the form of his red heart umbrella motif, which represents a feeling of togetherness. This motif

can be seen in a number of his artworks over the years, so make sure to look back and see how many you can spot! In this release, Bob has used a new technique called ‘scumbling’. The process involves layering a light opaque paint over a darker background to create a soft, romantic feel, with Bob saying “Multiple layers of subtle tones build up an optical vibration that creates the effect of hazy light.”

Two For Joy (above) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 66cm x 66cm | Framed Size 84cm x 84cm £750 Framed

Giving It Large (above) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 66cm x 66cm | Framed Size 84cm x 84cm £750 Framed

I Know You By Heart (opposite) Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 91.5cm x 38cm | Framed Size 109cm x 56cm £695 Framed



Moonlight Whispers Hand-varnished Giclée on Canvas | Edition of 295 Image Size 91.5cm x 38cm | Framed Size 109cm x 56cm £695 Framed





Raphael Mazzucco

John Myatt

“The trip I look forward to each and every year is my visit to the UK. For the last seven years, I have been fortunate enough to visit most of Castle Fine Art’s galleries. Seeing my work displayed in such a beautiful atmosphere has been like a dream. “I love the beaches of Brighton, the castles of Windsor, the beauty of Bath, and let’s not forget Cambridge, Birmingham and London. These are all home to the galleries of my friends (family) at Castle, and I am honoured to be a part of their world.”

“Quite simply, it has been my great pleasure

to work alongside the team at Castle Fine Art. It’s a rare

privilege for any artist to be represented in so many galleries by so many enthusiastic and hardworking people. I have also enjoyed meeting collectors.”

From our longest-serving stalwart (we’re looking at you, Lawrence Coulson) to the newest members of our ever-expanding family of artists, we’re honoured to work with such talented people. It was incredible to receive touching messages of support for our 25th anniversary, along with some specially-created artworks!

Jon Jones

Scarlett Raven

“I think it’s every artist’s dream to move from showing his work in his studio to being out in the mainstream, and that is what Castle Fine Art has given to me. I can walk into the galleries around the country and see my art hanging there. It makes me proud. My children will say, “Dad, I’ve just been in Oxford and seen your work”. How great is that? It’s been amazing, so thank you Castle.”

“Castle Fine Art has helped me beyond words. They’ve had faith in me when I’ve lost faith in myself. They know artists; they understand them and let them grow and support them in being the best they can be. Castle go beyond their role as a gallery, they are a family. “They believe in the importance of art like no other gallery I’ve worked with. Their publishing and print abilities are out of this world. Anything is possible with Castle: they believe in what they do, and they believe in you. It’s magical.”

Richard Rowan

“25 years – happy birthday! It’s been a fantastic journey, and one that I never thought I would have been able to do. Fourteen very fast years have passed with Castle Fine Art and it’s taken me around the world and back again. I feel extremely lucky that I am able to do something like this and have so many people from Castle on the journey with me. Where next?”

Paul Kenton

Stephen Simpson

“Happy 25th anniversary! I would like to thank everybody

at Castle Fine Art for their help over

“I just want to say congratulations for running such a great set of galleries, and the guys who work in them. From head office to the framing lads, everyone does a great job. Here’s to another 25 years!”

the years, and I look forward to many good years ahead. Wishing all the best to the team.”



Hamish Blakely

Nigel Humphries

James Francis Gill

Emma - Leone Palmer

“Working with Castle Fine Art gives the artists what they urgently need: clout! It’s a fine balance that requires a special degree of time, dedication and expertise that few artists would be able to harness on their own. Growth as an artist is paramount, and Castle offers an arena where this is guided as well as encouraged.”

“It’s been an amazing experience working with Castle Fine Art over the last four years. I’ve loved every minute! It’s been fantastic to meet all of the artists that the company represents, along with the whole team working behind the scenes. It’s still surreal to me that my art is in homes around the world.”

“For my friends in the UK and my friends at Castle Fine Art, I have one word for you: considerate. You have all been very considerate to me and I appreciate it. One of my happiest moments when visiting

“It doesn’t feel like a business, it feels like a family. Everybody I’ve met loves what they do. I’ve been in galleries where they just stick your art on the wall, but Castle is so much more than that: it’s an experience. I love what I’m doing too, and the synergy of my vision and paintings with their attitude just seems to gel really well.”

the galleries was realising I was in the same gallery as Bob Dylan.I hope I do something for the 50th anniversary! I wish you many more successful and happy years.”

Bob Barker

Bisaillon Brothers

It isn’t a celebration without balloons, as Bob illustrates in this truly touching oil painting. Capturing the compassion of nurses throughout history, the traditional street scene memorialises the northern mill towns of his youth. An unexpected splash of colour to his trademark muted palette shows just why he is one of our most versatile and best-loved artists.

“Happy 25th anniversary, Castle Fine Art! We are so happy and excited to be a part of the Castle family of artists, it has been a pleasure working with such a professional gallery group and their amazing team. We look forward to the next 25 years for sure!”

Nigel Mason

No-one captures the innocence of childhood quite like Nigel, whose optimism and positivity shines through this heart-warming tableau. Influences like Walter Sickert, Édouard Vuillard and James Whistler can be seen in the expressive brushstrokes, which embody special moments and cherished memories.

Robert Oxley

“I’ve worked with Castle Fine Art for six years now, and it’s been great. Without sounding dramatic, they’ve saved my life. They put me on the map artistically and they’ve given me a sense of identity, which I’ll forever be thankful for. One of the most memorable times for me was right at the beginning of my career, and it was just seeing my work in print and on the website. People could go into the gallery and see them and I could say to my family, “Look what I’ve achieved!”.”

John Wilson

How adorable is this nostalgic throwback?

Roxy Winterburn

John is taking us back to our early Castle Galleries days in this bright sketch! Featuring 3D lettering in a nod to his illusionary wall sculptures, this simplistic rendering also includes his signature stickmen, which are inspired by his daughter’s scribbles.

Drawn to circular forms, Roxy has depicted the metallic finish of her animal sculptures in this curved design. Symbolising how everything in life is connected, she uses the circle to evoke happy emotions, which makes this drawing perfect for our anniversary!



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