Practice Perfect January February 2018

TIPS AND TRICKS: ENABLING THE AUTO LOGOFF FEATURE The number of people who can log in to Practice Perfect at the same time is determined by the number of concurrent users in your license. But on occasion, some users have found that they’ll receive an error message stating that all of their licenses are already in use, even though they’re not — or are they? It isn’t uncommon for people to forget to log out of Practice Perfect when they leave the office for the day. And by remaining logged in, they’re still considered a concurrent user and needlessly tying up one of your licenses. Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy fix for this. We’ve created the “Auto logout after 15 minute(s) idle time” function to help you avoid this issue. When a user leaves their computer unattended for a specified number of minutes, the system can automatically log them out from Practice Perfect, effectively freeing up one of your licenses. To enable this feature, select “Settings” and then “Other Settings” from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Then, click on the “Security” tab. You’ll notice the field titled “Auto logout after X minute(s) idle time.” Input the number of idle minutes you’d like to wait before the user is automatically logged out. Upon enabling this feature, you might find that your staff no longer receives error messages about all of your licenses being in use. And if they’re still receiving the error message on a routine basis, then it might just be time to add some more concurrent users!


Do you have new staff members who need to learn how to use Practice Perfect? Are you worried that you’re not making the most of our application? Or are you just hoping to refresh your memory on some of the different features? There’s a good chance that Practice Perfect University has the answers you’re looking for. Over the past couple years, we’ve been growing our collection of tutorial videos. Ranging from topics like “How to Install a Workstation” to “How to Apply Unapplied Payments,” Practice Perfect University has videos for everyone, regardless of your skill level. In fact, our tutorial videos are even being used by our new staff members who are learning about the software for the first time. “Practice Perfect is such a robust software, and there’s a lot to learn for any new user,” said Elle Cameron, Practice Perfect’s newest employee. “But after spending a little time in Practice Perfect University, I feel like I know the program inside out. The ‘QuickStart Guide’ playlist, in particular, provided me with a solid foundation that I continue to build upon every day.”

Practice Perfect University divides its focus between two things: setup and processes. In terms of setup, many of the videos deal with how to customize the software to your liking. For instance, “How to Customize the Scheduler” shows you how to create colored appointment cells and change your hours of operation. Meanwhile, more involved process videos, like “How to Create Daily Progress Notes (SOAP Notes)” spare no detail on how to make the most of this much-loved feature. So, if you feel like you’re due for some training, come take a peek at Practice Perfect University. There are more than 60 videos and a ton of written articles that are bound to sate your appetite for knowledge. To easily access Practice Perfect University from within Practice Perfect, just click the ‘Help’ menu at the top of the screen, or head over to learningcenter. 3

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