Trout Power 2017

Trout Power 2017 is an extension of our 2016 project to collect information on the watershed around Great Camp Sagamore. In 2016 our mission was to explore and fish and document what we caught. By being part of the weekend fly fishing catch and release event you are participating in what we call Citizen Science. Information collected in Trout Power events is used for protection and study of brook trout in the Adi- rondacks. Much is known about Heritage Strain Brook Trout in ponds, but little is known about what truly exists in the back country streams of the woods. Trout Power collaborates with Cornel University, NYS Museum, NYS DEC and the Adirondack Chapter Nature Conservancy to use our passion and skill to fish and find these little gems of the stream. This year we hope to continue our success of catch and release fin clipping for more DNA study of the ecosystem. This year we also hope to reach even further out into the watershed and collect more samples to find the boundary of the population of wild fish we have found. We also will be doing entomology studies this weekend and urge our angler supporters to bring their spouses and children that don’t fish to help us with these tasks. Its not for the faint of heart though… Black Flies will be out, and there will be bush whacking and difficult wading. This is back country fishing in the Adirondacks at its finest, and you will deserve your home cooked meal and cold beer each night.

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