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JUNE 2020


reconstruct the crash scene of one of his cases. I was too young to grasp what it meant to be an attorney, but what stuck in my mind was how passionate and determined my dad was to see that his client was treated fairly. As the years passed, I saw that my father’s devotion to being a lawyer could be all-consuming to the point that it felt like there wasn’t enough of him left for us. However, I still felt the desire to someday live a life of such single-minded purpose. Then, life dealt my father the kind of blow that no one should have to suffer; he fell while trimming a tree and was paralyzed from the neck down. At 41 years old, my dad faced the choice of surrendering to his injury or rising up to the challenges that lay in front of him. As he went through the rigors of rehabilitation — learning to use a wheelchair, transferring from his wheelchair to his bed, learning to use utensils to feed himself with hands that no longer functioned — he never wavered from his goal of returning to practicing law. For the next 35 years, all the while having to face the daily indignities and hardships of his condition, he faithfully went to bat for his clients with zeal and integrity. My life and legal career have been guided by my attempt to follow the example set by my dad.

Dad has since passed away, but in my heart, he guides me still, and I know he relishes our successes.

JOHN J. RINEHARDT AUG. 1, 1932 — MARCH 13, 2008

I know he is beaming down with pride that our daughter Rachel is now an attorney, having graduated from The Ohio State University College of Law 50 years after he walked those same halls of legal learning. So, this Father’s Day, I will bow my head, close my eyes, press my palms together, and say “Thank you, Dad”. –John Rinehardt

On Sunday June 21, we will all celebrate our fathers.

It will come as no surprise to most of you that my father was the one who put me on the path to becoming a lawyer.

The seeds that led to me pursuing the law were planted early in my life. As a boy of only 5, I remember sitting at the kitchen table listening intently as my dad used my toy cars and school rulers to

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