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March 2018

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professional YouTuber if he sets his mind to it, and I’m willing to do what I can to help him. My youngest daughter is Bethany. She is such a wonderful little girl — truly a treat to be around. Bethany is hilarious, witty, and extremely intuitive. Like her brother, she wants to start making YouTube videos. Right now, Bethany wants to create a channel for toy reviews. She loves all things related to Disney princesses, Rainbow Dash, Shopkins, and unicorns. She’s such a big personality that I think her videos would catch on in a heartbeat. As Bethany gets older, I realize that she is just like my mother. Everyone used to call my mom Nonita, and since she was tiny, we’ve called Bethany “Little Nonita.” She’s loving but she’s also a pistol. I hope she never loses her spunk. Each year, my kids travel to Mexico with Edith to visit her hometown. Although they experience some of Edith’s culture here in Texas, nothing compares to their experiences in La Labor. I think it’s deeply important for them to know where they come from. As long as we are able, we plan to give them an opportunity to immerse themselves in their culture every summer. My kids bring me so much joy and happiness. They are all so different and wonderful in their own ways, and I am truly grateful to be their father.

Last month, you learned the story of how Edith and I met. This month, I’d like to tell you more about my children: 16-year-old Natalie, 12-year-old Nathan, and 5-year- old Bethany. Natalie passed her driving test and is now a licensed driver! She attends a technical school for law enforcement and has straight A’s. Outside of the standard curriculum, Natalie and her classmates perform forensic searches and analyses, as well as mock trials in which students act as defense attorneys and prosecutors. Her schooling is truly a unique experience! In her free time, Natalie plays competitive soccer, and she’s extremely fast, which makes her a great defender. I think Natalie would love to play soccer at the next level, and I’m sure she can achieve that goal if she puts her mind to it. Natalie’s favorite team is Barcelona, and her favorite player is Messi. She is a pretty serious kid and very focused on soccer and earning good grades. She will be taking the SAT this spring, so

“My kids bring me so much joy and happiness.”

in sixth grade, Nathan is playing competitive soccer for the first time. They’ve had a difficult season, but he has matured through this experience. I am very proud of him for sticking it out. Nathan is sharp and witty. Right now, he wants to be a gamer and a famous YouTuber. He’s been talking about this for a year now, so one night I challenged him and said, “You know what? If you really wanted this for yourself, you’d

actually do it.” So he went and made a 12-minute video that night! I told him I was proud of him for taking the first step toward his goal, and we sat down and strategized how he could improve for the next video.

a lot of her time has been spent studying. Natalie is also fluent in Spanish. It’s a lot of fun to listen to her talk with Edith and other family members.

Our middle child is Nathan. He can also understand Spanish, although he usually responds in English. Now that he’s

Nathan has a huge heart and truly cares for people. I know that he can become a

–Don E. McClu re, Jr.

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