PERSONAL BORROWING- money for your life


Personal Loans When you have a specific short-term need like that dream vacation, medical bills, or consolidation of other loans into a single monthly payment, a personal loan from Community Bank & Trust is ideal. We’ll help you determine the best option to fit your budget and make your life easier. Home Equity Loans A home equity loan allows you to borrow against the equity in your home to get the money you need and eliminate additional paperwork. It is a good way to pay for home improvements or other large expenses. Even if you don’t currently need to borrow money, setting up a Home Equity Line of Credit can make cash readily available for you should the need arise. Auto & Truck Loans Shopping for a new or “new-to-you” vehicle? This can be a challenging experience. Let one of our lenders help you simplify the process by designing a loan that meets your individual need. Mortgage Loans At Community Bank & Trust, applying for a home loan is easy. Whether you are buying that dream house or considering refinancing your existing home, we are here to help. Credit Cards Using your Community Bank & Trust Master Card or Visa card is the fast, easy, convenient, and safe way to pay for all purchases locally, and at almost any location worldwide. Credit Card Applications are available at your nearest Community Bank & Trust location. Credit subject to approval.

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