ARA Retail Debrief Q4 2017

ABOUT THE ARA RETAIL DEBRIEF The ARA’s Quarterly Retail Debrief is essential reading for the informed Australian retailer, revealing key insights into the most active consumer segments, popular products, evolving technologies and payment systems. With combined research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Roy Morgan Research, ShopperTrak, Practicology, and Hitwise, the ARA have been able to create this invaluable resource to keep retailers up-to-date and in the know. For more information on the data provided please contact the ARA on 1300 368 041 or email


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6 RETAIL DEBRIEF | SEPTEMBER 2017- DECEMBER 2017 5 TheAustralianRetailersAssocationandRoyMorgan’s2017Pre-ChristmasSalesPredictions

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