Board Converting News, January 8, 2024


dustry. Collaborating closely with Laura and other women leaders, we aim to inspire positive change and drive the industry forward,” said Leonczyk. To understand the nuanced needs of PPC's diverse membership, Leonczyk plans to embark on a series of member plant visits across the country. Furthermore, le- veraging technology such as the newly implemented PPC Member Portal, she aims to create a collaborative envi- ronment and facilitate the sharing of valuable insights and best practices. Leonczyk extends an invitation for con- versation, expressing her eagerness to connect with PPC members, stakeholders, and the broader community. “I want to hear from our members and encourage ev- eryone to get to know our team,” said Leonczyk. “We're here, energized, excited to try new things, and ready to increase PPC’s value to all.” To learn more, visit .

passionate about equipping PPC members with the tools to champion the sustainable value of paperboard packag- ing while nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. PPC President Ben Markens will continue to serve as the association’s chief staff officer, owning overall vision and strategy. He expressed his confidence in Leonczyk's capabilities: “Emily’s leadership and dedication have been evident throughout her time with PPC, and her background in trade association management, business development, and marketing positions her well for the new role. I am sure that her approach will take the organization to new heights, provide an elevated experience for members, and ultimately lead us into the future.” “I’m excited to see Emily step into this role and support our vision for the future,” said Laura Brodie, Chair of PPC’s Board of Directors. “Her commitment to engaging the next generation aligns seamlessly with our goals, and we look forward to her continued contributions.” Not only is Leonczyk's appointment significant for PPC, but it also highlights the power of women in the paper- board packaging industry. Stepping into the future, Leon- czyk and Brodie represent a dynamic leadership duo that reflects the industry's commitment to diversity and prog- ress. “As a woman in a leadership role, I feel a deep respon- sibility to empower and support other women in the in-

NAM Helping Manufacturers Accomplish Top Tax Priorities

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) an- nounced it is firing on all cylinders to accomplish manufac- turers’ top tax priorities: restoring immediate R&D expens- ing, pro-growth interest deductibility and full expensing. Congress must act by early 2024 to allow manufac- CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

16 January 8, 2024

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