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recycled content, according to a peer-reviewed indepen- dent life cycle assessment. The production of the paper bags requires a drying process to remove moisture from the bags before they can be wrapped in plastic stretch film, to avoid condensa- tion within the packaging. Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap is breathable and can therefore be used to wrap and pack products immediately after paper bag production within one in-line process.

Policy Chris Netram. “Right now, leaders on Capitol Hill need to hear from manufacturers in their communities with a simple, clear message—act on our critical tax priorities now.” Congressional leaders, including Speaker Johnson, have recently pointed out a need to hear from more man- ufacturers. Lend your voice and check out the resources at to learn more.

Sentrex Invests In Mondi Advantage StretchWrap

Mondi, a global packaging and paper company with loca- tions in the United Kingdom and Austria, has announced the introduction of its Advantage StretchWrap, a paper wrapping solution, to Sentrex, a European manufacturer of paper bags. Advantage StretchWrap is a fully recyclable kraft paper designed to stretch and resist punctures, making it an al- ternative to plastic stretch film that has traditionally been used for pallet wrapping and transportation. The Advantage StretchWrap has 62 percent lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when compared to vir- gin plastic stretch film, and 49 percent lower GHG emis- sions when compared to plastic film made with 50 percent

“We are fully committed to using Mondi’s paper wrap- ping solution at scale, as part of our ongoing commitment to seeking out and using the most sustainable business practices throughout our operation,” said Michał Nogiels- ki, Technical Director at Sentrex.

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20 January 8, 2024

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