Board Converting News, January 8, 2024

digital printer and cutter, a specialty folder gluer (our 5th), several new flexo folder gluers, a rotary die cutter, multiple conveyors, and built a 45,000-warehouse addition, etc. “Chris and I predicted last January that we’d avoid a full-blown recession as the resil- ience of the consumer would sta- bilize the economy. This year our focus will be to stimulate sales by having customers who are isolated to be connected, educating those who are unaware so that they may become informed, and helping pas- sive customers to be active partic- ipants in line with our perceived values. Why double down? A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. “Any promises of paradigm shift depends on in which industry and marketplace you are working. We’re not sure yet where government fiats, which may throttle a potential apocalypse, are headed. Although the four horsemen of the apocalypse are at a distance for now, I fear they will be here unexpectedly. Thus in 2024, our outlook for most of the world’s economies appears darker, riskier, and ever harder to predict. Our future journey will be a bit like a play being scripted in progress. Isn’t this what we do as entrepreneurs?” PPEC 2023 Year In Review Touts Work In Environmental Advocacy The Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Coun- cil, representing over 90 percent of the Canadian paper packaging industry, provided an overview of its actions and successes over the course of the past year in its ef- forts to advance the environmental success story of the Canadian paper packaging industry. “This year, packaging and its environmental impacts continued to gain increased attention. As an industry, we are proud of paper packaging’s circular economy, and are committed to sharing it with industry, government, media, and the public,” said Rachel Kagan, Executive Director, PPEC. “Packaging and its environmental impacts contin- ued to gain increased attention as paper packaging’s cir- cular economy was shared with the industry, government, media, and the public.” This year, the PPEC advocated and represented its members to the government on a wide range of issues. On the federal level, PPEC submitted responses to the Environment and Climate Change Canada survey on pa- per recycling in Canada, which examined the barriers and opportunities on domestic paper collection and recy- cling, and the Proposed Regulatory Framework on Meth- ane Emissions. PPEC was also nvited to participate in a Converter Outlook: Part I (CONT’D FROM PAGE 34) Chris Widera



American manufacturers of split heads, patented roll- er-bearing yokes, gang-slot upgrades, custom rebuilds, and glue systems with electronically-geared speed mon- itoring. Visit our website for info, tips and techniques.


Haire Group is the premier provider of new machinery for the corrugated industry. From the Apstar line of flexo folder gluers and rotary die cutters, the Encore line of flexo folder gluers and rotary die cutters, and the Engico flexo folder glu- er, Haire is able to pair clients with the best machinery solu- tions for the best value to meet their needs. Haire Group’s service department helps its customers maximize uptime and profitability through superior 24/7 service and support, a pre-install training center, and over a million dollars’ worth of spare parts at their offices just outside of Chicago. Haire Group has been the industry’s #1 pre-owned machinery bro- ker and plant equipment appraiser since 1976. HarperLove is the leading provider of specialty adhesives, performance additives, and wet-strength resins to corru- gated packaging manufacturers. With the largest and most experienced field service and technical support team posi- tioned throughout the U.S. and Latin America, HarperLove has a long-standing reputation for providing outstanding service and delivering demonstrable performance improve- ments. HarperLove’s renowned services include not only innovative product development and custom product for- mulation, but also machine and process assessments, ad- hesive formula adjustments, machine tuning, detailed ser- vice reporting, and more. HARPERLOVE


Kiwiplan - premier worldwide software provider of enter- prise-wide, fully automatic solutions specifically for the cor- rugating and packaging industries. Kiwiplan’s Total Solution delivers comprehensive, seamless real-time flow of infor- mation from sales order management to dynamic total plant scheduling and inventory control through shipping.


Manufacturer of Marotape®, Marotape®Plus, Marotape® FPT and MaroString™; hot melt coated tapes and strings used for reinforcement and easy-open features for packaging. Ma- rotech also manufactures dispensing and tape placement equipments to optimize the productivity of applying hot melt coated tapes.


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