iMotion: Get Relief & Better Motion

What can be done? Neck pain is most often relieved, by simply restoring the proper movement and mechanics of the neck. Think of your neck much like themachinery in a car. Keeping it well maintained and in good alignment, will allow it to perform well. “Do You Want To Have Re for Your Aching Neck?” • Have good posture with sitting and standing. • Restore your flexibility to the neck muscles and joints. • Strengthen your mid-back muscles and shoulders to support your neck. • Improve coordination of your neck muscles. • Eat well, reducing consumption of processed foods and food that increases inflammation in your body. • Seek professional help for aches and pains lasting more than 3 days. At IMotion Physical Therapy we are muscle and skeletal specialists who analyze your posture and movement, then help you restore posture, flexibility and strength. iMotion Physical Therapy relieves neck pain Many people have discovered the benefits of seeing the experts at iMotion Physical Therapy first when they have aches and pains. Our medical professionals are experts in analyzing your posture and movement, spotting your true trouble source. From there, our training allows us to create a proper treatment plan that will quickly relieve your pain, improve your posture, mobility, strength and coordination. We even teach you how to maintain your improvements with specific gentle exercises. Think of us as the mechanics for your body. Come in for a regular tune up and your neck and back will be as good as new. To learn more about how our SPINE Program can help you eliminate your neck pain, call us today. Here are the key areas you need to focus on to reduce your neck pain:

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