2021 Fitness Program



Wilmington Country Club is committed to providing the most modern equipment and techniques to help you acheive your goals. Our trainers are on site to assist you with operating our fitness equipment, scheduling a fitness evaluation or individual training session. In addition, Wilmington Country Club offers a variety of group classes including yoga as well as fitness opportunities for kids and teens. With a combination of cardio and fitness machines, free weights, kettle bells and a variety of additional modern fitness equipment, our state-of-the-art center is uniquely designed to address the needs of each member. MASSAGE Relax as our massage therapists take away tension, soothe your muscles and provide you with skilled and caring treatment to meet your specific needs. Massages requires 24hr advanced notice. ELITE PHYSICAL THERAPY Members who are Elite Physical therapy patients have the option of scheduling appointments at the Club. Appointments can be made by contacting Elite Physical Therapy directly (302) 477-1536. FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION COACHING SESSIONS Whether you feel chronically fatigued, are seeking to optimize your sport performance, struggle with weight issues, routinely go on and off diets without success, have inflammation or immune issues, or you are simply trying to optimize your health and vitality through nutrition , functional nutrition coaching can be for you! Get to the ROOT of what’s holding you back and make change. If you want to invest in your health and future well-being, “food is thy medicine.” MOVEMENT COACHING Movement Coaching is great way to have a detailed movement analysis and programming from a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine if you are moving well or if you need to make changes in your existing program. Dr. Arianne will gladly collaborate with your coach, personal trainer, or instructor to ensure everyone has your best interest in staying pain-free, healthy, and reaching your movement potential.


GROUP EXERCISE Take advantage of over 30 classes per week featuring the latest

trends in group fitness. Regardless of age and skill level, there is

a program for you. Our weekly schedules include varying Yoga

classes, TRX, Boot Camp as well as sport specific classes to get

you in great shape.

YOGA Our variety of Yoga classes will help you improve your strength,

endurance and flexibility. Get into your body by practicing a

repeated sequence of 26 foundational yoga postures, linking the

moving of your body with natural rhythm of your breath.

PERSONAL TRAINING There are two elements that make a great personal trainer:

Content and Connectedness. Our nationally certified personal

trainers have the content knowledge via academic degrees and

multiple certifications. We are available to work with you in 30-,

45-, and 60-minutes sessions, and packages of 5 and 10 sessions

are available. We also have the connectedness, having worked

with members at least since the move to the new facility. We

professionally partner with the rest of the WCC therapy, treatment,

nutrition services, movement, yoga, and group exercise staff to

provide the best possible exercise program to meet your goals.

WORKSHOPS For members who are looking to increase one fitness variable

(mobility, speed and agility, or flexibility) or for those interested

in learning about an exercise system (powerlifting or strongman)

and preseason sports conditioning for junior members, our staff

offers one to four session workshops to help you meet your fitness

and sports performance goals.

Michelle Kasker Director of Wellness

Stephanie Hanna Fitness Instructor

Jess Lupacckino Fitness Instructor

Corey Ryan Fitness Instructor

Beth Sheehy Yoga Instructor

Lamont Washington Fitness Instructor

Krysta Lafferty Fitness Instructor

Mary Harrison Fitness Instructor

Caitlin Reilly Yoga Instructor


TRX Fitness - Ready to challenge your workouts with high intensity, powerful movements at faster tempos? This class has

timed interval sets combined with TRX exercises and cardio moves.

30/30 - The invincible match between cardio and strength allows each athlete to work through these workouts at their own

pace, while reaching their maximum potential and getting the most results out of their workout. Each class is constructed

differently, BUT every class will NOT differ in the general format: Half Strength and Half Conditioning! Participants pick

their own weights and sessions are timed so everyone can go at their own comfort level.

Mat Pilates - There’s a reason why the elite athletes, entertainers and women and men around the world maintain a regular

Pilates practice. The workout helps individuals of all body types to become toned and flexible, and the exercise method

helps to re-align the posture and build balanced and healthy body connections for more efficient overall movement. The

Pilates mat workout incorporates a classical Pilates sequence with variations and modifications for each body participating.

For the ultimate whole-body and mind workout, maintain a weekly Pilates practice.

Vinyasa Flow - Vinyasa flow yoga is a dynamic practice rooted in Ashtanga yoga principles, where poses are strung

together to form one fluid sequence of movement. Benefits include cardiovascular health, strength building, wide range

of motion, stress relief, flexibility and connection with breath.Expect to move from pose to pose in a creative sequence

that changes every time, and often with a musical background.

Senior Fitness - This class is designed to work on endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and agility in a

relaxed, fun atmosphere. Whether you need help starting to exercise or are already incorporating fitness into your daily

life, this class will work within your body’s parameters to help build a stronger, more functional balanced you.

Tri Fit - This class incorporates the trifecta of cardio, weights and core. Tri-fitness is the perfect class for those new to

working out as well as those members looking for a controller, moderate fitness session.


PERSONAL TRAINING Members can schedule a personal training session with any of our personal trainers: One Hour Personal Training Sessions or Fitness Pro ile Individual: $67

Package of 5: $310 ($62/hour) Package of 10: $570 ($57/hour) Group Personal Fitness Sessions 2 people: $40/person 3 people: $30/person 4 people: $25/person 5 or more people: $20/person

MASSAGE Tracy, Susan, Vicki, and Ryan have set aside available hours each week but request at least twenty four hours advance notice, as they are not onsite staff. Some time slots are already filled; other hours may be available.

Tracy Halterman Therapeutic Wednesday:12:30 pm - 7:30 pm Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Susan Brown Therapeutic Monday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Tuesday Evening

Vicki Rudawsky Sports Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Ryan Holley Thursday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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