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One of my favorite times of the year is early January. I think it’s because I’m an optimist and a planner, and early January is when optimists and planners kick into high gear. I’d like to talk about the year ahead. But first, I want to look back at 2019. It was a huge year for us here at The Mottley Law Firm. We celebrated the anniversary of our 10th year in business. One of our plans was to have a 10-year anniversary party. That didn’t happen because we were so busy! So, maybe this year, we’ll do an 11-year anniversary party. Stay tuned. About five years ago, I set out to develop a personal injury practice focusing on representing survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as other catastrophic injuries. Some people said that was a bad idea because that is “too narrow” of a practice and “every personal injury lawyer calls themselves a brain injury lawyer.” I am glad I ignored those people. We ended 2019 by achieving a $6.5 million settlement for a client who suffered a mild TBI and spinal cord injury. As of the writing of this article, the result we achieved for this client is tied as the 4th largest verdict or settlement achieved by a lawyer in a Virginia court case in 2019, according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly. This is in addition to numerous other TBI cases we’ve successfully handled over the last several years and the ones set for trial in 2020 and 2021. You can read all about this practice area and our results on the firm’s website, In addition to our catastrophic injury and TBI practice, our work representing individuals involved in family estate disputes

goal setting, see the article on goal setting on the inside of this newsletter.)

continues to grow and prosper. We also continue to represent businesspeople and businesses involved in more traditional business disputes, like breach of contract cases, shareholder disputes, and fiduciary- type litigation. Finally, Ben Kyber has been focused on building an appellate law practice, and has been busy maintaining @ScovaScoop, Ben’s Twitter account dedicated to reporting upon the Supreme Court of Virginia. If you are a lawyer looking to refer one of these sorts of cases to a firm that will make you look good to your client, please consider us. We would love to include you on our growing list of Referral Partners, and our Referral Partners had a very good 2019! So, what’s in store for 2020, and how am I approaching the new year? What I say is from the perspective of the owner of a law firm, but I think it applies to everyone and every business. Figure out what you want in the end. Have a plan to get there. Set ambitious goals. Put deadlines on those goals. Then start working your plan, day after day. Take small daily actions to move you toward knocking out those goals. When you fail (you will fail), get back up and keep moving forward. (On this topic of

For us here at the firm, we’ve been going through the goal-setting process and will continue to do so in January. In my experience, January is a better time to focus on these things than December because too much is already on our plate, both personally and professionally, in December. Although we had a great 2019, my goals for 2020 and beyond are much bigger. When I read them, I must admit that I ask myself, “can we really accomplish that?” In my mind, that’s how you know you’ve set goals that are big enough. Right now, I’m going through the process of setting deadlines associated with those goals and blocking off time on my calendar to take the micro- actions to achieve those goals. And this applies to my personal life as well. I look forward to sharing with you my story as we move through 2020 and beyond, and I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

-Kevin W. Mottley | 1

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