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W ith the school season fast approaching, I’m sure many of our students are trying their best to enjoy every last second of their summer vacation. As an adult, it’s easy to be nostalgic for those long breaks away from the classroom. Whenever I catch myself falling into this way of thinking, I’m reminded of one particularly tough summer and the important lesson I learned. The year was 1992, and I was a cash- strapped 12-year-old. When summer began, I noticed a change in one of my friends. He had spending money and seemed all-around more adult and responsible. My friend had begun working a paper route — the most classic of summer jobs. Not coming from a family of means and wanting to become more mature myself, I applied for my own route. I had no idea what I was getting into. I remember being so excited when the Quad Community Press hired me. I had my very first job! All I had to do was ride my bike around town, and I’d have money and independence — for a preteen this was a dream come true. But, when I received the first load of several hundred papers, reality began to set in. The first few days I managed to remain excited. Sure, it was 100 degrees F outside, and I had to roll each paper by hand — but what’s a few ink-stained fingers compared to the opportunity to be employed at such a young age?

But lugging that heavy sack around day in and day out, feeling it dig into my shoulder as I rode past my friends out having fun, I started to realize that work really is work . To make matters worse, the pay turned out to be less than I’d bargained for. At the end of every month, I had to go around to 200 houses and ask the residents if they would like to donate $1 for the paper. Most people weren’t home, and those who were didn’t always want to give money to a kid who had just shown up on their doorstep. Worse still, I only made 42 cents for every dollar donated. Making $20 was considered a good month. By my first payday, I was completely disenchanted. While this is a rather extreme example, I think all kids go through this experience at some point. I see it all the time as a music teacher. A child will get excited at the idea of playing an instrument but not the actual act of learning one. The monotony and frustration of practicing quickly drowns out those dreams of being a rock star. When this happens, most kids want to throw in the towel. It’s completely natural — I wanted to quit that horrible paper route after the first month. Here’s why I’m glad I didn’t. I want to say I stuck it out all summer through sheer willpower, but that wouldn’t be the truth. At that age, I didn’t have the maturity to understand the value of seeing a job through to the end, but my mother did. She encouraged me to keep on heading out to roll those papers,

no matter my excuses. I rode through blistering heat and pouring rain that year, but the papers always made it on time. I couldn’t see it at the time, but my mother taught me a valuable lesson in perseverance. Had it not been for that summer, I wouldn’t have found the strength to make it through very tough times later in life. In my long music career, I’ve seen many parents do the same for their kids. But being a music teacher has also exposed me to adults who weren’t so lucky when they were younger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had parents and grandparents say, “I used to play the piano.” They sigh, and then add, “I wish I’d stuck with it.” Conversely, I’ve never been told, “Boy, piano was hard. I’m so glad my parents let me quit.” To all those students out there, I get it. Music isn’t always fun and games. Staying inside and practicing your scales while your friends are out playing seems unfair, and messing up a chord progression for the fifteenth time feels incredibly frustrating. But, believe me, you’ll look back on these moments and the skills you’ve learned with pride and gratitude.

We’re here to help you reach that moment,

–Eric Nehring

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The photos are in from this year’s grand reopening, and they sure do bring back great memories! Having the Metro North Chamber of Commerce there to cut the ribbon was an honor truly underscoring just how far our school has come. And, of course, the music, food, and face painting brought together the amazing community we’ve built over the years. The brave members of the Spring Lake Park, Blaine, and Mounds View Fire Department were the stars of the show. Kids and adults alike delighted in trying

on their gear and testing out the fire hose. We thank them not only for an amazing demonstration, but also for their service and sacrifice. That they took the time to brighten our students’ day was incredibly humbling. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to mark our five-year anniversary. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning, or are new to MnSOM, thank you for putting your faith in our school. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Here’s to the next five years!

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We’ve got exciting news for music enthusiasts everywhere: MnSOM is officially becoming an all-ages school! That’s right; whether you’re 5 or 85 years old, you’re eligible for private lessons from our amazing professional staff. As a school that has striven to bring high-quality music education to our community, we couldn’t be more thrilled to open our doors to anyone willing to learn! NEVER TOO LATE Over the years, many parents have expressed to us they wish they’d stuck with practicing the instrument they’d learned as a child. Others talk about how they never had the opportunity to learn music when they were young and feel like they’ve missed out. Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to give up on those dreams. Nowhere is it written you have to be a child to learn a new skill or art, especially music! So, whether you’re looking to pick up an instrument again or learn one for the first time, now’s your chance! MAKE IT A DUET These expanded class offerings give parents a truly unique opportunity. Rather than simply sitting in on your child’s lessons, you can learn right alongside them. Not only will you be picking up new skills, but you’ll also be providing an inspiring example for your fellow student. Plus, you’ll be able to practice together, bonding over the shared experience of improving your musical talents. TELL A FRIEND Of course, these new classes aren’t just for parents of current students. If you have a friend, coworker, or relative who has expressed an interest in playing music, they are more than welcome! We’ve found that retirees in particular can gain much from these lessons, giving them a new hobby to pour their energy into after a long career. Plus, it gives them a great excuse to spend more time with their grandkids! Music has always been able to transcend generations — it’s an art we can all bond over, no matter our age. It seems fitting our school now reflects this universal nature. So, whether you’re young or young at heart, we can’t wait to see you in class!

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IS YOUR TEACHER If you’ve tried to make a schedule change recently, you’ve seen firsthand how full our teachers’ schedules are. If you are looking to make an upcoming schedule change, please read below to see if your teacher is sold out. Note: Teacher availability is subject to change based on enrollment. Please contact the front desk at 763-432-9713 for up-to-date schedule information. SOLD OUT?

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Paper Routes, Music, and Determination

The Next Phase of Marvel Movies Food, Face Painting, and Firefighters! Welcome New Students Parents: Want to Learn an Instrument?

Not Your Average Vacation Lodgings



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