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One of those others is the Ezy-Drink Galvin Clear stainless steel piezo electronic drinking bubbler tap. Available in mains or battery-powered options, the bubbler is operated via a piezo button. It operates automatically when you place your finger on it. No pressure is required, which makes it ideal for small children in daycare, or for arthritis sufferers. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the bubbler can be set to operate on its own at different intervals. If the tap is not being used it will flush stagnant water, so any lead build- up from the plumbing system will be reduced – an extremely useful feature during weekends or holidays. This may also assist in minimising the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.

approved materials and components. “But we have released a new range of bubblers constructed from 316 stainless steel to give consumers a choice. “Think of it this way: some people will pay more for organic vegetables. There’s nothing wrong with vegetables from the supermarket, it’s just that some people choose to buy organic because they see it as a healthier option. “With Galvin Clear, we’re offering the same kind of choice to people who looking for a lead-free tap alternative. It is all part of our commitment to produce quality taps and fixtures that support the health, well-being and safety of our community.” Of course, Galvin will continue to sell its brass range. “As far as installation is concerned, the process is very similar. The traditional features of our brass range are still there. We still use a bacteria and UV resistant rubber compound

The Galvin Engineering Board. From left to right - Paul Galvin, Jim Crockett and Chris Galvin.

on the mouth guard, which is there to protect children’s teeth. “It’s also got the usual flow adjustment in the base of the unit, and it comes with different ways of operating – push-button taps, spring- loaded taps and others.”

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