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I knew I wanted to be a lawyer before I was old enough to really understand what it meant. Here at The Haynes Firm, we’re a father-son team with over 50 years of experience taking on personal injury and medical malpractice cases. But that much history certainly didn’t happen overnight. My father, Olen Haynes Sr., has been a lawyer since long before I was born. I have childhood memories of knowing he was a lawyer but not understanding exactly what he did. One day, I remember asking him, “Dad, are you a really good lawyer?” His simple answer was, “Yes … Yes, I am.” I remember feeling particularly proud that my dad was not only a lawyer, but a great one. As I continued to grow, I no longer needed to take his word for it. The people in our community here in Northeast Tennessee and beyond heartily attest to the fact that my father was indeed great at what he did. He’d come home after a long day of work and share stories of the courtroom, and I’d be captivated by his every word. Eventually, he let me tag along to witness him in action. Not every day was a glorious win. Some days had tough endings. But no matter how the proceedings went or what the outcome was, he was always inspiring to watch. That’s because it was clear that every day, he did

everything he could to help his clients in their deepest time of need. That’s when I truly started to understand what it really means to practice law. But I didn’t join forces with my father right away. I wanted to make sure I had value to bring to the clients he served. So, I got my law degree from the University of Tennessee, joined the Navy JAG Corps, trained in Rhode Island, and was stationed in San Diego, where I’d prosecute criminal cases in various locations up and down the West Coast. I married my wife, Kristy, and we lived in San Diego for three years before I felt called to return to my father’s firm. Now, we proudly serve Johnson City and the surrounding areas together. There’s a lot to be said about working with your family. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In our case, it works very well. Our dynamic has changed over the years — I used to knock on his door with questions every 30 seconds, and he was patient but certainly made me earn my keep. As we’ve both learned and grown together over nearly 20 years of working together, the knocks on my door now occur as frequently as the knocks on his. Now, we share a mutual respect for one another’s methods and perspectives. It’s empowering to work independently when needed but incredible to also have someone to turn to who can bring expert wisdom and

a fresh mindset to your cases. We really make a great team.

And “team” is a word we don’t take lightly at The Haynes Firm. It’s true that many lawyers can’t help but bring attention to themselves, even if it may take their focus off the client. So, when clients come to us for help, our No. 1 priority is to break that mold and work hard so their case is all about them . We take great pride in the relationships we develop with our clients. Not only do we understand the time it takes to develop trust between counsel and client, but we also work hard to achieve this. When your well-being has been jeopardized, as it so often is with personal injury and medical malpractice cases, it can feel like you’ve lost control over your life. But we’re here to make sure the process works for you . Our goal is to help calm your anxieties about the civil justice process, and we know from our years of experience that it doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. Great relationships, like great outcomes, take time. It is our goal to use that time to serve our clients to the very best of our abilities.

REFERRALS WELCOME We thank you so much for referring clients to us over the years. We are grateful you have trusted us with taking care of those who need our services. For any referrals, please contact us at 423-928-0165 or fill out our online contact form at HaynesLawyers.com.

-Olen Haynes,Jr.

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