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N ot long ago, I got my third and final epidural shot to treat my back pain. The results have been amazing. I feel so much better! I’m able to walk around without my feet going numb or feeling like they’re on fire. This is great news, because I have a new dog, Shady, who needs me to take her on walks. Shady and I have certain routes we like to take on our walks, but there was one thing that drove me crazy for the longest time: Our routes were quite literally littered with nip bottles. And plastic bags. And

When Shady and I go on our morning walk, I grab a plastic bag and I pick up all the litter I see. Though we fill up an entire bag each morning, the next day, I know we’ll fill it up again with all new litter. Some people might see this as an endless cycle with no point, but I’m not doing this to shame people into not throwing trash on the sidewalk anymore. I’m doing it because it makes me feel better. I have a group of friends I meet with every month for what we call our “Wisdom Wheel.” Basically, we follow the lunar cycle and search for ways to help improve our mental focus and balance

“Plogging gives me a chance to spend time with my dog, enjoy the fresh air and make the Earth a little more beautiful

bottle caps, plastic straws, coffee cups and other items people carelessly flung from their car windows as they drove along. It’s not pretty, but it gave me the opportunity to take part in something the Swedish call “plogging.” A mix of the words “jogging” and “plocka upp,” which is Swedish for “pick up,” plogging is when people make a point to pick up trash while

Shady and our plogging haul

through the month. I picked up plogging at the start of one lunar cycle and was pleased to find out how much it clears the mind. Plogging gives me a chance to spend time with my dog, enjoy the fresh air and make the Earth a little more beautiful as I go along. If you are someone who goes running outdoors every morning or enjoys a walk with your neighborhood

friends once a week, I encourage you to try plogging for yourself. There are few ways to make a greater impact on your community through such a simple act. There’s a deep sense of peace to be found in plogging. Plus, it’s good for the planet, your body and your state of mind.

they are out running. It’s a bit of a cultural phenomenon in Sweden and I learned about it when an article popped up on my Facebook feed some time ago. When you see trash on the ground, you have two options. You could walk by and think, “These people are disgusting!” Or, you can turn the situation into something positive and make a difference.

as I go along.”



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