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Are you about to begin a physically demanding job? Are you an employer who is trying to reduce your company’s number of workers’ compensation claims? Do you simply want to find out if you’re the right fit for a certain type of work? If your body is about to partake in vigorous forms of exercise or physical exertion, you may benefit from Physical Capacity Profile testing. To learn more, contact us at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers of Arkansas today! What is PCP testing? Physical Capacity Profile testing, also known as PCP testing, is an important tool in figuring out the capabilities of one’s body. It is a tool that is typically used by medical teams for post-offer or pre-employment physical exams of employees (or prospective employees) with physically demanding jobs. Some unique features of the PCP test’s patented equipment includes aircraft quality cables, high-strength steel, and state-of-the-art computer technology. PCP testing uses a computerized software to gather a comprehensive collection of a patient’s 28 maximum strength measurements. These measurements can be collected in as little as 30 minutes, although some testing may take longer. Just a few of these several measurements include: • Endurance

After a PCP test is completed, results are ready in just a few short minutes for both the medical team, employer,andemployee toexamine.Therearemany users of PCP testing, the most common being: • Public and private corporations • Large hospital systems • Self-insured workers’ compensation funds • Statewide trade associations • Municipalities • School districts If you are an employer who is about to hire a worker for a physically challenging job or you are anemployeeabout toentera jobof thesamenature, PCP testing will help in testing the body’s limits and determining how far a certain employee is able to be pushed on the job.

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• Lifting ability • Grip strength • Flexibility • Pinch strength • Body fat change

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