Namibia Road Trip - 2018

many of his behaviors are catlike making others believe that he is at least a case of parallel evolution. Whatever he is, there is great beauty in his grace and his appearance.

On our last day in Hobatere, we went to a different area, a valley between some impressive hills. But it turned out to be an amazing and puzzling morning. There was nothing moving anywhere we went. Liberty was plainly quite befuddled because he could not find anything to show us. He called his colleagues who were driving in other parts of the preserve and they reported experiencing the same dearth of animals or birds. It was actually disquieting even though the scenery we were enjoying was very beautiful and different from the more desert- like terrain we had been traversing on earlier rides. It was as if all the animals had just evaporated.

Could it have been because of the earthquake tremor that Liberty reported had occurred the night before? He asked if we had felt anything but we did not, even though he said it was a 4.6 on the Richter scale. We had not previously known that Namibia was earthquake-prone or even volcanic in origin. To add to the mystery we saw so many piles of granite rocks spread like termite mounds all around with no apparent cause. Jagged and colorful, spiky and coarse, they are very odd indeed. It was also very cold this day.

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