Namibia Road Trip - 2018

H ALALI R EST C AMP Our one night stay in this camp which is actually inside Etosha NP was made thrilling because of the lighted waterhole the camp maintains. We greatly enjoyed our 3 hours spent in that beautiful setting. The accommodations at Halali were motel-like, though Betsy was given the Honeymoon suite which was quite enormous. The two meals we ate there (supper and breakfast) were the two least sumptuous or tasty because they were basically buffets serving what seemed to be reams of people.

But - and it is a big but - the lighted waterhole redeemed it all. We went there after supper. It required a short hike up to a rock ledge where some very basic benches were arranged along with some well-placed rocks (by nature herself). The lights on the water were not very bright but revealing enough. The weather was perfect and there was a balmy breeze wafting through the covered seating area. Though the benches were made with slats of wood and were

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