Namibia Road Trip - 2018

therefore not very comfortable, we were mesmerized by the animals who drifted in: kudu, jackals, brown hyenas, black-faced impalas and best of all a black rhino—the only one we saw during the entire trip. He lingered a good bit so we could observe him drinking and wading. What a marvelous treat under gorgeous skies. Everyone on the observation ledge was quiet and no flash was used by the photographers. So the scene was calm and almost primeval!

Our route the following morning was determined by the advice of our new friend, Dieter. We met this German fellow tourist in Hobatere and after a few safari rides together, we developed a comfortable relationship with him, discussing travel and Africa. Dieter lives in Cologne but comes to Namibia at least twice yearly because he loves the country and the animals and the lifestyle. All of us were going to be leaving Hobatere on the same morning and Dieter wanted us to follow him partway on the drive to Halali so he could show us one of his favorite waterholes. He was not going to Halali that day but the waterhole is not far from where he will be staying. Following Dieter meant we would ignoring the advice of the Africa Profile Safaris representative to avoid driving the long gravel road gravel road between Hobatere and Halali for almost 175 miles by taking a long detour to the south to stay on tar roads.

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