Namibia Road Trip - 2018

But while Dieter admitted that the park road would be rough and really tough in some places, he insisted we would be missing some wonderful things if we used the long way round. Both men were right; the road was washboard all the way but the scenes were fabulous. Anyway, trusting Dieter’s experienced advice, we followed his little blue rental car and tried to use the same routes he took to avoid the cracks and crevices and craters. Sure enough, when we reached the first major waterhole in the Park, Jakobswater Hole, we were amazed: 13 giraffes drinking, at least 100 zebras wading, drinking and frisking in the huge waterhole about as big as 12 Olympic size swimming pools, wildebeest roaming around awaiting their turn patiently, even some springbok too.

The water is kept at a constant level by a pump system powered by solar electricity. So it never runs dry and the animals can always find water there. What a stirring scene for us. Dieter cautioned us that the road would only get worse between here and Halali and said we should enjoy ourselves but not dawdle along the way because it would require about 5-7 hours to reach our goal. Bidding Dieter a sad farewell, we headed off in the direction he suggested. The road was truly rough; no one had exaggerated at all. But we enjoyed the whole experience: terrain, scenery, animals glimpsed along the way, the glorious day and the fact that we had no problems at all. Kay became more and more skilled at navigating her way through the frequent pitfalls and we reached Halali about 4 p.m.

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