Namibia Road Trip - 2018

entered or exited. Some of the time, the gates appeared to be effective “make-work” projects for Namibians but I have to say the personnel were very thorough in making sure we had paid for each day we entered and left the park and they asked many strange questions as well, such as “where are you coming from?” Perhaps it was part of a tourist origin study, but it was so spasmodic, we really couldn’t know for sure. Plus sometimes the question seemed to be requesting information on where we were staying, where were you going in the park or where had you been, or where in the world are you from? Oh well, we were compliant tourists, glad to help support the local population and contribute to the viability of Etosha National Park. Numatoni really is a helpful town for self-drive folks as well as for visitors without their own transportation. There are restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, administration offices, and gas stations all conveniently located around a small city center. Tourists can also book safari tours into the park from that town. We saw several of those companies’ wagons as we wended our way through the park from waterhole to waterhole. One thing we really enjoyed at Numatoni was seeing a whole troupe of banded mongoose cavorting along the streets and rummaging in their holes in the sandy soils. The troupe seemed to be very large, at least 40 or 50 strong, with many youngsters among them. These fascinating creatures added to the charm of the small town for sure.

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