Namibia Road Trip - 2018

Touring Etosha under our own power was definitely lots of fun and even exciting. The only minor drawback was not having an expert among us to identify the many birds we could see but not name. But picture books were available in the gift shops at the various camps. A FRI C AT F OUNDATION For our last three nights in the bush, we would stay at this marvelous location. It is not in or near Etosha but is a private preserve of over 55,000 acres fenced in for the purpose of encouraging cheetah preservation and reproduction. The property had been a farm, but has been retrofitted back to wild land by plantings, soil renourishment, restoration of native species of birds, animals, and reptiles. The main focus however is the cheetahs. Education for youngsters and their parent farmers is ongoing to help the locals understand the importance of co-existing with wildlife, including the predators.

Reception and Dining Area

The accommodations are wonderful and the guided safaris are really super. Though you can drive yourself on some roads in the preserve, most are off limits to private vehicles. The staff

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