Namibia Road Trip - 2018

from cleaning ladies to waitresses, reception desk personnel, guides and spotters are friendly, helpful and very eager to please. We thoroughly enjoyed every activity offered here including the Educational Safari to learn about the real work of the Foundation. The guide assigned to us for our entire stay was Imanuel and he was really excellent in his knowledge base, helpful when we needed it. and engaging and fun to be with. We gave him superior marks on our departure survey!

Food was splendid and served in several different dining spots—both indoors and outdoors. Meals were flexible in choices and amounts as well. Perfect for our last few days in Namibia.

Some of the cheetahs are collared here for research purposes and the guides use the tracking equipment to locate them on safari. Our first real adventure was the “cheetah walk” when Imanuel found the two target cats, two brothers about 10 years old. Then we disembarked the safari wagon & walked about an hour and ten minutes to find the animals. We were told to walk single file and avoid loud noises or too much talking. The spotter led our line, carrying a big stick, and Imanuel brought up the rear with a similar stick. We were also instructed not to run or scream if the cheetahs approached us but to stand still and let the two guides handle the situation. I can report immediately that there was no “situation” and we all obeyed the rules (there were 7 of us not counting the spotter and the guide).

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