Namibia Road Trip - 2018

The walk took us through some difficult terrains: acacia thorn bushes, tall grasses, rocky patches of dry sand, thin forest cover, and finally to the brothers. We watched them from what seemed a pretty close range and then they rose up and began to walk away. Imanuel obviously knew pretty much where they were headed and we followed on foot. Their destination was a waterhole not too far away but in a different looking area—lots of red sand and rocks and few plants near the water. The brothers drank and drank some more while we drank in the sight of the beautiful cats so close to us. At last, without giving us a single acknowledgement, they left the waterhole and started purposely off away from us. Exhilarated but somewhat tired, we were relieved to see that our safari wagon had caught up with us so we did not have the hour plus walk back. Another special safari with Imanuel as our search for the collared leopards, a mother named Electra and her 7 month old son, unnamed as yet. (I proposed he should be called Orestes to keep consistency with Greek Mythology.) With the tracking collar, it did not take long for the cats to be found. And were we ever lucky. They played around in a dry river bed for quite some time so we got to see the cub stalking his mother in ambush style while he hid behind the tall grasses lining the riverbed. He pounced on her regularly obviously learning his hunting skills. He stayed close to her even when he hid for the ambush.

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