Namibia Road Trip - 2018

If she moved on, he was close behind her. The guides said he was big for his age because he is not only being fed from her kills, he also is still nursing, so he gets double the usual nutrition a cub his age would get.

Needless to say, both mother and son were beautiful cats—again, no ticks and no scars. Just perfect coats and healthy bodies.

During our first night safari at AfriCats, the night sky was so incredibly brilliant that I forgot occasionally to follow the red light that was attempting to find night creatures by detecting eyeshine. My eyes were fixed on the heavens with the breathtaking array of bright stars and the prominent position of the Milky Way so bright above us—like diamonds on black velvet. But my attention was caught when Imanuel revealed the Aardvark in the reddish glow. Though it was dark, we could see him quite clearly as he tottered out of the light. A very strange gait which seems is normal even when seen in daylight. Even Imanuel was excited because this was the first one he had seen in a couple of years.

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