Namibia Road Trip - 2018

I NTRODUCTION To quote Mr. Shakespeare (I try to as often as possible), “Once more unto the breach, my friends.” And what is the breach this time? The time gap between this trip and our last visit to the exciting country of Namibia. After having travelled by plane in Namibia to see the southern area of huge red sand dunes and the skeleton coast, we decided it was past time to explore the north of the country, particularly Etosha National Park. Friends of ours had earlier chosen the self-drive option to visit Etosha and were enthusiastic about their experiences, so we contacted our favorite Africa travel company, Africa Easy. All arrangements were made by Nadia Eckhardt and her efficient staff so everything went as smoothly as an otter slipping into river water.

Most of our driving from safari camp to safari camp was on what the locals call “tarred” roads. These were excellent 2 –lane roads with safe speed limits of 60 – 70 mph.

In the Park, however, there are lots of really rough washboard gravel roads. Some were so pockmarked with crater-like depths that the driving was challenging but ultimately successful. Unless you count the many new scratches we put on our Nissan 2-cab truck while hugging the side of the road to avoid potholes and running into the thorny acacia bushes lining most of them. And imagine! Those spiny plants are the giraffe’s food of choice! Getting used to driving on the “wrong side” of the road came easier than avoiding the rough spots in the park.

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