Namibia Road Trip - 2018

Imanuel showed us the various skulls of cheetah, leopard, lion, and baboon and how the surfaces for insertion of jaw muscles are finely tuned to the creatures’ way of hunting and feeding.


Cheetah (L) and Leopard (R)


This safari ended with our visit to the “Ambassador” cheetahs. Two males are going to live in the smaller space where they are safe because they can never be released into the wild. They are called Peanut and Raisin. Two others in a different very large enclosure are due for release in the near future; they are called Savannah and Nip. All four of them were quite unimpressed to have us in their regal presence and slept most of the time we were with them. We chose to do a second cheetah walk the next morning and were luckier this time because the walk to see them was less than 5 minutes. However, we would not have seen them had Imanuel not stood still and stared into the tall grasses under a tree no more than 20 ft in front of us. We were simply astonished at how well camouflaged they were in the grass. We could

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