Namibia Road Trip - 2018

Let Sleeping Cheetahs Lie

On a second afternoon game drive we saw many animals that we had not previously found on AfriCat Property: 4 elands, 2 red hartebeest, a pregnant Dik-Dik and a companion male nearby (the smallest of the antelopes in Africa), Northern Black Korhaans, many flying helmeted guinea fowl (unusual to see them fly—they usually scurry along as fast as their little legs can carry them), a baby Oryx with its family, a Kudu family Big Daddy, Mom and two young ones, a Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk making a nest in a nearby tree, steenboks, some flights of Quelea (those are the birds that soar in close formation as if they were one organism). Kay’s photo journal in Flickr will show you all. But as the Bible teaches, “it’s always good to save the best till last.” And that is exactly what Imanuel did for us—our last safari would be a surprise, he told us. We eagerly awaited his collecting us at 5 p.m. and wondered what would surprise us after all the wonderful things we had already seen in AfriCat. Well, he did indeed surprise us and we were overjoyed. He took us to see two lions that live permanently in their own 20 acre enclosure. The lions are 10 and 11 years old and were rescued as 3 month old cubs after a farmer shot their mother. So they were raised here at AfriCat and will never be released into the wild because they have no fear of humans and definitely associate them with food. Releasing them would be a disaster for them and for whatever human being they encountered the first time they were hungry.

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