Namibia Road Trip - 2018

So once again, we were ushered into a bunker like structure with an slit-like opening about 2 feet tall and then Imanuel pushed a buzzer and called Shambula and Sherenzi to enjoy a snack. The food was meat cut into slabs, usually donkey, we were told. As the buzzer rang, two enormous male lions rushed in roaring and growling. Imanuel threw two slabs on two different “plates” of metal in the foreground so that they were fed at the same time. But Shambula decided to assert his dominance and rushed at Sherenzi who ran in the bush chased by a loudly roaring adversary. Imanuel screamed at Shambula and he finally stopped threatening his “brother” and both returned to their own dishes. A few more slabs were thrown out and the lions were quick to snatch up their food.

Ordinarily, the two lions are fed only twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, but because our last day at AfriCats was Wednesday, Imanuel had gotten permission to give them these snacks on an off day. The lions were clearly quite happy with the treats. They ate voraciously and we could hear their chewing and crunching. When they finished and no more treats were forthcoming, Shambula wandered off out of our sight, but Sherenzi came right up to the wall and roared for more but then settled down to wash his bloody feet and legs, just like a house cat - just tremendously larger.

What a perfect end to our time at AfriCat and our self-drive trip in Namibia!

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