Namibia Road Trip - 2018

B OOKENDS OF THE T RIP Mustn’t close out this journal without a mention of the beginning and ending of this amazing “safari in Namibia.” The flights constitute an epic in themselves. It’s a long way from Jacksonville, Florida, to Windhoek, Namibia. Especially when you figure in layovers at 4 different airports on the way to Africa and layovers at 3 different airports on the way home. Flying Business Class on Lufthansa for the long hauls certainly makes the trip easier. But 9 hours in Frankfort waiting for a flight to Johannesburg is long even if we are sitting in a Business Class Lounge. Being able to lie flat for sleep on the 9 and 11 hour flight segments sweetens the experience considerably. We certainly enjoyed Lufthansa Business Class all the way. The only real almost disaster with connections came in Ft. Lauderdale of all places. Can’t even recall why we had to fly south from Jacksonville to reach JFK, but whatever it was somehow necessary due to scheduling or some such. Anyway, our flight from Jacksonville was delayed and we were late arriving and would have missed our connecting flight to JFK had not that flight been delayed itself leaving Ft. Lauderdale. It seemed that it took forever to disembark the Jacksonville flight, all the while knowing we were missing the connection. The fates were kind and all other flights and connections went very smoothly. It’s amazing to me that foreign airlines always serve appropriate meals on their flights even in Economy Class. We flew South African Airways to and from Windhoek and were given good meals on both flights. Our airlines here at home hardly give you a peanut package or a cookie even on long flights. What gives? Is it that all foreign airlines are somehow subsidized by their governments while ours are not? I am sure it is true for some of the world’s airlines but surely not for all? On arrival after 59 hours of travel, we were met as scheduled and taken to The Elegant Guesthouse on the other side of Windhoek from the airport. We were hungry for supper after checking in and already knew that there would be no evening meal offered there. We had been assured that restaurants were in easy walking distances from the guesthouse and so we chose to walk about 15 minutes down Nelson Mandela Highway to Joe’s Beer House. Apparently this restaurant has a good reputation among locals and tourists and we discovered that it was well- earned. The walk was easy and the food was delicious and inexpensive. The calling card of course is all the different beers available, but even though none of us drinks beer, we still enjoyed the ambience and the food. The place is designed for outdoor dining at some big tables with smaller ones to choose from as well. Goldfish ponds and lush vegetation abound, the staff is friendly and you can find yourself seated with other parties. All good and

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