Namibia Road Trip - 2018

People were very helpful and friendly but we still have no real idea how we ended up in the right airport finally, after going up and down some of the same streets many times. We had filled the truck with gas as we entered Windhoek’s environs as instructed but had fruitlessly wasted about 1/8 of a tank when we finally drove into the Bidvest return rental parking place. The representative heard our story of woe and did not charge us for the missing amount in the tank. Neither did they charge us for the many new superficial scratches on the vehicle caused by all the encounters with those dratted acacia bushes. The representative drove us to the Olive Grove Guesthouse for our last night in Namibia. It was also a comfortable and clean place and they offered us supper (at a fee though breakfast was included) and we eagerly accepted the offer because we were all pretty worn out after the frustrating driving in search of Eros Airport. The meal was quite tasty too. The ride from Bidvest clearly showed us how complicated driving in Windhoek really is and we were so pleased that a driver would pick us up at 9:15 a.m. the next morning to take us to the International Airport. We would have missed our flight for sure if we had tried to find it ourselves! So ended our wonderful self-drive trip in Namibia and we would recommend it to anyone interested in the animals and scenery in this beautiful country. We loved every minute of our time there (except for the merry-go-round in Windhoek). If you are intrigued, be sure to contact Nadia Eckhardt at for excellent service in planning a similar trip for yourself. She and her

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